February 01, 2011

One Step Forward...

Last few days haven't been that great in PLO, haven't played great but a terrible scenario keeps occurring. I end up winning a couple BIs against fish and tilt them. They turn hyper aggro and invetibly start 3betting every hand. Then without fail they'll hit and get it all back and then some. I'm not sure if I'm just getting it in lighter thinking they're tilted or what. However either way it's frustrating.

I'm thinking about possibly even min-raising and limping to keep pots small but I guess I'll have to look at it some more. Ultimately what it comes down to is right now I'm just uncomfortable in an aggressive PLO match right now. If it were NL I would have a plan for every street however it seems as though in PLO nothing is as definate and it's something I'm really struggling with. Oh well, as the old saying goes:

A buddy just texted me asking if I want to go on a golf trip in April to Penn National for a weekend. The answer was obviously yes and I have a ton fo trips coming up with NYC in March, Penn National in April, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Vegas in June, then finally NYC for the US Open in August. I plan on buying a house this summer to, so time to grind and save. Luckboxing a tourney or two wouldn't hurt either.


I failed my way to success.
Thomas Edison


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