January 29, 2011

Chipping Away

My second time trying to transition to PLO was rough. In many spots I was lost at what to do and usually my default was to shove all my money in the middle. I quickly went on a 30 BI downswing and have been trying to get back to even since. Tonight I got within 3 BIs but lost a few before my session ended. Frustrated I looked back at my equities and I lost every single time I was in with 55-79%. So frustrating and something I shouldn't do but I took a break, came back and was able to turn in a winning session so I'm back to 3 more BIs.

Tilt control is absolutely gigantic in HU PLO. You lose hands in ways you don't even see coming and the turn usually brings an array of outs. I still have a long way to go but it's good to see the progress and I'm starting to get it.

In other news, I've felt great running lately. So good that I bumped my daily run from three to four miles. I weighed myself this morning and i'm down to 173.4. I should easily get to 170.0 in 4 weeks although it seems like an angle with my previous bet I never expected it to be this easy. However I feel so good running that I think I'm going to turn my July 4 race into a fund raiser. Stay tuned for details in a few months.

Finally, my Dad called and asked one night if I'd like to start bowling again, I said eventually and didn't think much of it. Last Tuesday he told me that he signed us up for a league on Wednesday night, 2 people dropped and we're jumping in halfway through the season. It's a very casual league, the highest average is 203. My dad averages 209 and I averaged about 200 when I bowled on my high school team 6 years ago if you drop the first 3 or so weeks. With the exception of a drunken bowling night at Jillians' this summer in Boston I haven't bowled since high school. Needless to say we knew what we were walking into was different competitively than what we're used to in the past.

So we arrive at the bowling alley on Wednesday and our teammates, a nice older couple average 109 and 129. Ron and Jean, two lefties. I call Jean the LOOGY because her release is very similar to a left handed specialist in baseball, I've never seen a side arm bowler before. I ended up bowling a 148, 200, and 232. I struggled the first game. However lane conditions were ridiculously easy as they don't even oil them again after the league before us. It's very easy going, but one thing made me laugh pretty hard. 

Ron was on a double and because of that his first shot was important because it impacts your score from the last two frames as well as your current frame. Well Ron pulled it badly and knocked down 3 pins. My Dad, who is pretty competitive in his own right, looks at me and just goes "Nice count" very sarcastically. I had to remind him who we were bowling with and he quickly apologized to nobody.


Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.
Henry Ford

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