December 27, 2010

Think I found a cure for the common cold, Fantasy Football, and World Juniors

When I was a kid, my colds used to absolutely kill me. I couldn't sleep, they would last for 7-10 days generally and it was just an extremely unpleasant experience. My nose would swell and become red from blowing it constantly. As soon as I feel the symptoms of a cold coming on now I have a strategy that's helped the past 4 years. It worked yet again over the last couple days although I felt awful and had body aches for about 36 hours it never went to my nose which is the ultimate goal of mine.

Basically what I do is as soon as I feel a cold coming on in my throat I take liquid dayquil twice a day and nyquil at night. During the day I'm eating Halls cough drops like candy. It says take one every 2 hours but I'm generally eating 1 every 30-40 minutes. The last few times I've done this the cold has never gone to my nose and whenever that happens it's a victory.

Speaking of wins, my brother and I won our second straight fantasy football championship this week. Thanks to Jamaal Charles, Miles Austin and the boys we rolled over our opponent and will be able to gloat yet again at next year's fantasy draft. The last 2 years we've won titles with Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell as our starting QBs in the championship game, yeah...scary. My brother wants to change our name to the DyNASTY next year but I'm going to protest that.

Finally finished prison break and now it's on to Eastbound and Down and then Dexter. I need a light comedy for my next series and EB&D seems to fit the bill. Plus since I'm a huge baseball fanatic and the show is loosely based around the sport it's a perfect fit. I enjoyed most of Prison Break but the last 10 or so episodes got a little too over the top for me, it made the wrestling look tame in comparison to the amount of twists and turns that took place throughout the course of an episode.

I'm planning on going to the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Buffalo next Sunday. My first experience with it was new years eve a couple years ago when Canada was playing the US. I turned it on as the fans were passing the Canadian flag and never realized how big a deal it was up there (btw passing the flag looks so cool and added it to the end of the blog). The game was incredible too as the US jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period and then ended up losing the game 6-4? Or something like that since John Tavares just took over. Since then I've watched it religiously and am excited to see it live.


"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box"
Italian Proverb


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