December 20, 2010


So it's fantasy football playoff time and I'm tied in a TD heavy league going into tomorrow night and have Jay Cutler going. in the league you get a point for the first 100 yards passing then 1 point for every 50 yards after that. 3 for a passing TD and -1 for an interception. It's rare but not inconceivable to put up a 0 or even a minus as a QB. Especially for Jay Cutler. He certainly has a knack for throwing terrible interceptions and for some reason after seeing what he was capable of last year we decided to jump right back on the bandwagon.

In 2009 his first game against the Packers was epic and the CUTLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nickname was created on 2+2 in the Sunday Night Thread when someone posted this picture.

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Not only can he throw interceptions they're usually at the worst possible time.

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So while we're about 98% to win tomorrow, you just never know. Also, if he actually puts up a 0, we're tied in every other tie breaking category so it would go to a coinflip to see who advances. Tails never fails!!!!!

Finally was able to watch HBO's 24/7 road to the winter classic and I really enjoyed it. I always like watching sports shows that I don't know a ton about that takes you inside the action. You just learn so much so easily. So far Pittsburgh comes across very well as much as I dislike the Penguins. Just based off locker room footage Dan Bylsma seems like a great coach to play for, he relates to his players well and does a great job of mixing up his speeches as far as when to try and motivate and when to get a point across. Of course it's easy to look good when you're on a 12 game winning streak like you are in the documentary.

Meanwhile Bruce Boudreau really doesn't come off well. I don't mind the swearing I've had coaches that mix it in well but his speeches come across more as whining that motivating. Basically when you plead and complain to your team it rarely works out well. There's about 10 different ways I'd go about getting a team going and that's generally last resort which he may very well be on with hanging onto his job by a thread.

Now I've never coached professional athletes but one thing I learned very quickly is you can never appear desperate as a coach which Boudreau does. Also, it's impossible to force a personality on your team. They are who they are and if you try to change it, you're screwed. Many people complain about the Capitals because they're not a very good defensive team and my guess is Boudreau let them get away with those habits for far too long. Now he's trying to change it and it's too late at least with him in my opinion. I think a new coach is exactly what they need.


Billy Madison: Knibb High Football rules! 

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