December 17, 2010

Random Ramblings

  • I've made the decision not to go to the PCA. A couple of the people that I planned on hanging out with there aren't going and while I'll still know some people there I'm going to pass. I haven't tried to qualify in like a month simply because I just hate playing on Sundays and that's when the major qualifiers are. In addition, it's incredibly expensive and I haven't done a great job of saving between Barcelona and now.
  • However I will be traveling to Arkansas in late January/early February and on my way to Arkansas I'll stop in NYC to catch a Rangers game. My Dad is a big Rangers fan so if they're not playing the Bruins I root for them and have only been to Madison Square Garden once. Should be fun.
  • I'm going to an ugly sweater party tomorrow night and stopped at the thrift store today to pick one up. To my surprise there were actually some really good deals in there. There was a long sleeve loose fit baseball shirt from a local college that probably costs about $30 and it was being sold for $6. I would've picked it up but the main color of the school is yellow so I wouldn't wear it too often. There were also some nice jackets and other things.
  • The Bruins are off to a pretty slow start. I don't know a ton about hockey but the power play is terrible. It also feels like Seguin is being underutilized, including a healthy scratch the other night against Buffalo. Julien has a history of using kids gloves with young players but with the team struggling a bit offensively it seems like it'd make sense to put him out there a bit more.
  • I don't check facebook often, twice a day is a lot for me but something that annoys me about it is people posting things like "Most people have 1000 wishes for Christmas; a cancer patient only has one,to get better. I know 97% of you won't repost this to your status, butmy friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone who has died, or is still fighting, or survived cancer, copy this to your status". Now I hate cancer as much as anyone and am very sympathetic to anyone that has been affected by the disease but participating in chain letters like seem to do nothing to me. At least include a link to donate to cancer research with it so one or two friends may see it and donate. Other than that it doesn't seem much different than forwarding a chain letter to me.



A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.


    -Ayn Rand

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