December 07, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Well, I'll be the first to say that the 2010 review is much easier to write about than the 2009 review. I think it's safe to write baring a catastrophic last 3 weeks of December. It won't be as long or drawn out basically because it wasn't nearly as interesting. I went into 2010 with no monetary goals, we all saw how well that worked out in 2009 for me. Obviously the ultimate success would've been to become a 5/10 reg by the end of the year.

However in 2010 I did things the right way regarding poker. I had a much better mindset thanks to Tommy's series, a losing didn't bother me nearly as much. That's not to say I didn't tilt. Unfortunately I think that's just about impossible to never tilt. I was able to make much better quits however saving me thousands of dollars in the process. Something I wasn't able to do last year.

The year was a pretty long process. Although I only went from 50-200 since I was never really able to get much going from March-July. Coaching baseball makes it tough for me to put in hands since most of my focus goes there instead of poker. Which is fine, I enjoy talking/thinking about baseball more than poker anyways but when you make your living off of poker it's sort of a double edge sword. However given the opportunity to do it again, I would without thinking twice. In addition having to withdraw each month made it much tougher to move up than I originally though with playing lower stakes.

Overall this year I made about 50k, the same as last year however it was much more consistent. There was no constant reaching for stakes out of my bankroll, I was able to learn, get better, and beat games that were constantly getting tougher. I am fortunate though that I have had a lot of help from both DC coaches and other poker friends who I have the privileged of knowing and talking to because I'm a DC coach. Without talking to these people I probably have very little success this year, or not nearly as much as I had.

Not only that poker has given me an amazing excuse and the funds to travel. Going into 2009 I wanted to do a bunch of that and did nothing. This year because of the continuous income I was able to go to Boston, NYC to see the US Open, Vegas, Barcelona, and plan on going to Atlantis and Arkansas in early 2010. Part of the reason I was able to travel more this year was also because I didn't coach my legion team which I missed a ton. This year, I was struggling to justify leaving and I went to a game with many of my former players. One of the parents came up to me and we were talking and when I said I do miss it she responded with "You're young you don't want 16 year olds running your summer." As strange as it is, my decision felt fine after that.

Unfortunately I can't provide a complete graph as I got a new desktop this year and I have my hands spread across 4 different computers but since I'm writing this on my laptop I'll give you that graph. I didn't play many hands on this but you'll get a general idea and who doesn't love a graph?

User Uploaded Image

I am superstitious so obviously stopped playing on it after the big downswing at the end of October. However it is fun to look back on. So where do I go from here? Poker wise things seem to be changing. It looks as though there is a strong possibility that it could be tough for Americans to play for the next 15 months. You can catch up on it in the 2+2 legislation forum. Our only options may be Bodog or Cereus for a little over a year. Short term that would be a bad thing, but longterm it could bring more fish than ever to the poker economy.

This is actually awful news for me though. I was planning on buying a condo this spring as I was finally on solid financial ground and had invested about all I wanted to before getting into buying a property. I really have no idea what I'm going to do now. One things for sure and I've told a few poker friends this, I was going to get out of the game in 2 or 3 years anyways. It's just not something I love to do. I enjoy it, it's been great to me but it's not something I get excited to do. I love going to the baseball field, talking about baseball, etc and really enjoy learning about the market. I just can't always get motivated to study and/or play which is a bit embarrassing but it's something I've come to terms with.

I recently have started to get my licenses to become a personal financial adviser. I've also moved on in baseball accepting a new assistant coaching position leaving the school I had coached for the last 4 years.  So while poker may be stalling for me I'm moving on in other areas of life. Obviously this road block doesn't come in an ideal time for me. That would be in about 8 months from now, but I'll just have to adjust. I'm not sure how yet, but if poker has taught me one thing it's that making adjustments is necessary to be successful. Hopefully everything will work out.


"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. "
~ John Wooden

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Bigvee posted on December 07, 2010 at 15:01 PM


Good luck in any of your future endevours! Life is about learning and work ethic - in whatever you do. You got that down pat now so the rest should be an easy game!

Orestto posted on December 07, 2010 at 18:47 PM


It's great to see how you're so passionate about baseball. Good luck! :)

nutshot2 posted on December 09, 2010 at 16:19 PM


don't forget that elite playoff banner

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