December 05, 2010

First Hibachi Experience

Had Hibachi for the first time last night, the sushi was outstanding and the meal was top notch. It'll definitely be something I plan on doing in the future. I did want to talk about something that happened at the restaurant. The dinner was for my buddy's fiance's birthday. It was a surprise thing so my friend called me up and asked if I wouldn't mind picking up a balloon. I say no problem and grab one before I head over to the place. I get to the restaurant with 2 other people and go check in with the hostess. After she tells us our table isn't ready the following conversation ensues.

"You picked out that balloon?"


"Why did you only get one?"

Now at this point I'm like a deer in headlights. I had no idea how to respond and let out a few stutters before saying "I don't know". Now normally I would come back with something clearly sarcastic however I've learned two things about sarcasm. One is that you should try to stay away from it if you don't know the person in order to not come off looking like a huge tool. Secondly, it's always a touchy thing using it with girls. I learned this when I made a throwaway comment to a friend in high school and she started to cry right after. So I went with the boring route here. She then complimented me on the balloon's colors but I couldn't tell if she was just making fun of me more or actually complimenting me. Onto other things:

As a Sox fan with a huge Justin Upton mancrush I wanted the Sox to trade for him this offseason. However it was just too expensive as Arizona was looking for a ton in return and rightfully so. I figured it would take a somewhat similar package to land Adrian Gonzalez, but since I like Upton a lot better I was hoping if they swung a deal it would be for him. Yesterday the Redsox traded for Adrian Gonzalez and the package wasn't that bad. I was a big fan of Rizzo and Kelly (have an autographed ball from him) but that's a relatively small price to pay for someone as good as Gonzalez in his prime. Not to mention Fenway seems like the perfect park for him.

Now just sign Werth and call it an off-season. I used to feel bad about the Redsox spending money however after seeing what the Yankees do I no longer feel bad. Having the play them 18 times a year and with them being our chief rival it's like bringing a slingshot to a gunfight if you don't spend wisely to keep up. Also the fact that other high payroll teams suck (lol Mets) make me feel great about the Redsox front office. 

By this time just about everyone has seen the Krantz cartoon the micros and I've yet to talk to someone that doesn't like it. The only bad part about it is despite being hysterical I can't show it to any of my non-poker friends because they just wouldn't get it. Needless to say I'm eagerly looking forward to the next one.

I recently recommended the book "Miracle at St. Anthony's" to a friend of mine. The book is about the famous Jersey City coach Bob Hurley and his high school basketball team. There's also a documentary called "The Street Stops Here" that's similar to the book. Both are outstanding, here is the trailer to the documentary.

Two things really stick out for me from the book. The first is a story about a kid who didn't play much for Coach Hurley in high school but went on to be a good junior college player. Most of his teammates were getting tattoos and he declined for the sole reason of Hurley saying "I've always lost a little respect for a man with a tattoo."

The other story was about a kid who went to a major Division 1 school but things went south when he and a few teammates were accused of rape. During the investigation he stopped back into Jersey City to watch a game. When he walked into Coach Hurley's gym he just took off his hat and muttered "Respect for the man."

I find those 2 stories amazing as these are inner city kids who have very little respect for authority when they get to Coach Hurley. Yet he's able to have the type of influence on these kids that can change their life and that's his sole goal as a coach. While winning is obviously important to him and he does plenty of that to be able to change these kid's lives is a much greater accomplishment.


The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.
William James


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lol mets :(

You aren't wrong, but :(

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Nothing about poker :(

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