November 24, 2010

Barcelona poker, day 1B

Day 1 of the tournament I woke up and had breakfast at the amazing buffet here at hotel Arts. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all, I felt great and was pumped to get going. Obviously I know a lot can happen in one tourney but I was pretty sure I'd be playing my A game most of the day. I had a great table draw and it was table 7 so it wouldn't be breaking for all of day 1. We started with blinds at 50/100 with 30k in chips, here's a recap. I'll post the blind levels, my chip count, and my hand:

50/100 30k 88: Older guy raises in MP, I call to set mine 300 BB deep. Flop is 455 he bets I call. Turn is an A he bets I fold and he shows T7. Thank you for giving me the free info. Later I would find out this guy was a maniac and batshit insane, which surprised me because he was an older guy but he was rich and from Monaco so yeah thanks for the free read. I could've raised the flop but 300 BBs deep against someone who I thought was an older nit (lol poker stereotypes) I just decided to call flop fold turn.

75/150 28k Q9s: There was a raise in MP, crazy guy calls, I call, BB calls. BB is incredibly nity and only limps PF. Young kid and I'd shoot myself if I played like him honestly, he literally only played 22-AA, AJ+ pf and limped every time he came in the pot. So anyways I call on the button and flop is K8xdd. Checked to me I bet 1k since I was only worried about the nity guy and of course he calls. Then donks into me on a K turn, nice hand I fold.

100/200 QTs 26k: I've literally won one pot so far and that was when I stole the blinds with K9s, so I'm getting antsy. Anyways I MP raised, I called OTB, BB who was a FTP pro called in the BB. Flop is  873, checked around. Turn it an 8 giving me a backdoor flush draw and checked to me again so I bet 3/4 pot, FTP pro calls. River is a 6 I bet 3/4 pot FTP pro tanks for about 3 minutes and raises. 66, 9T, etc is good sir, nice hand.

100/200/50 AQ 22K: Batshit insane guy opens in MP I 3b on the button he calls. Flop comes QJx, finally. I bet large he calls his range is literally any 2 cards. Turn is a 4 and I overbet, leaving me with about 6k behind. River is another blank actually bringing 3 to a flush on the board. I was worried he was going to donk and I'd have to call and hes played his draws passively so far but he checked I shipped and he folded.

150/300/50 AQ 35k: Nity guy in MP opens I flat in the CO with AQ. Flop comes Q345. He bets flop and turn, I just call since his range is super tight. A 7 came on the river and it was checked through, he had AK. Would've raised the flop against most guys but I was really unsure of this guys range.

150/300 AJ 42k: 2 limpers came on and I raised to 1800 with AJ on the button. SB, BrynnKenney is a very good aggro tourney player, showed up about 4 hours late and has won every pot since. Nity Mcniterson calls out of the BB and his range is 22-88. One of the limpers also calls. Flop is J62 checked to me and I bet 4500 into 6k. Brynn flats, Nity Mcniterson raises to 12k. I tanked for like a minute but it was a really easy fold. BTW, Brynn had 66, other guy had 22, I got a little lucky there as there's no way I'm folding TPTK to Brynn,

I lost a few uneventful pots at 200/400 and again was getting frustrated as this was a great table but I needed to make hands to be successful. I brinked every draw and couldn't get anything going. Fortunately Bryan (PrimordialAA) told me I was fine and still had plenty of room to work with at the break.

300/600/50 KT 27k: Weird dude in MP limps and I raise OTB with KT. Flop is K57, I bet l1200, he calls. Turn is a J, I bet 3k he calls. River is a T and 3 to a flush got there. He donks 5k into me. I thought about it for a minute but there was no way I was folding. I called and he tabled 86 no flush.

Nothing really happened the rest of the level. It was a tough dynamic since I had two tough players to my immediate left including Brynn and then two very soft spots next to them so I was doing a lot of my stealing from the CO and HJ. That didn't stop Brynn from 3betting me a bunch, but I knew that was gonna happen and was planning on a 4bet bluff soon. Coming back from break this guy was bragging to me how he was the table boss and he's running over everyone. That's great dude, I have position on you and can't wait to 3bet you next time. He was a little crazy and wasn't sure if he knew what he was doing or not. After hearing this it gave me the green light.

400/800/75 40k 87s: "Table captain" raises to 1800 in MP, batshit insane dude calls, I 3bet to 6100 with 87s. "Table captain" folds, but I wasn't counting on the other guy to call, which of course he did. Fortunately he folded on a J62 board.

400/800/75 47k 77: Folded to me in MP I raise to 2200 with 77. Brynn 3bets me OTB to 6200. I tanked for a while, I had no idea what to do. Calling sucks since I'm not deep enough to set mine and there's very little chance I get to showdown against him. 4 betting is iffy since if he ships I have to call and pretty much hoping he has AK. I went back and forth about 20 times between 4 betting and folding. I even had the chips in my hand to 4bet to 17k but just decided to muck.

400/800/75 37k AA: I was UTG +1, SB had KK, easy game, up to 60k.

400/800/75 60k AK: I raise to 2200 from MP with AKo, guy to my immediate left a good TAG 3bets me 6200. I didn't want to call and play OOP, I knew he wasn't doing this light but was really unsure what his range was. I thought for a minute and decided to 4bet to 17k, and he snap ships. I'm obviously calling and was actually thrilled to see him show up with QQ with how fast he put all his chips in the pot, unfortunately the board ran off with all low cards and I lost. At 500/1000/100 I reshipped AJo from the SB against the batshit insane dude and the BB, my nemesis from the previous hand woke up with KK...nh, gg.

I've gone back and forth on me 4betting my AK. This was the guys first 3bet and I knew he wasn't doing it light or folding to the 4bet. I could've called but it would've sucked to play the hand out of position. I understand it can never really be that bad with 50bb effective stacks and I'm fine with flipping there for a lot of chips but not sure if it's better to play AK slower live than online where ranges are more defined. Of course I got the standard speech from someone asking me why I played AK so fast but I just ignored him.

edit- After sleeping on it for a night I realized the 4bet wasn't good since I have no fold equity. It wasn't awful just because of the stack sizes and I did have AK. However, calling is probably the most +EV play. Oh well.

Overall it was a blast and I hope to qualify for the PCA so I can do this again. It really was interesting to get live reads and act on them and it was incredibly frustrating since I had about the worst seat at the table with the 2 best players to my left. However my table was very soft and if I win that flip I'm doing very well the rest of the day.

However I wanted to mention some one thing that just bug me in which I saw yesterday since it was my first big live event. For those that know me personally this won't surprise you since I'm a chronic complainer, but here it goes:

I'm a firm believer in acting like you've been there before whether it's poker, sports, or anything else. To see the amount of fistpumping, yelling, and showboating yesterday turned me off. You can be excited for a win, that's fine but there's a point where it's just ridiculous. Especially on day 1, fortunately my nemesis just sat there when he beat me in both hands, giving a "yes" both times when he won which is perfectly fine. But I was very unimpressed at how some live pros act.

Saw a lot of Barcelona today, going to see the football stadium tomorrow. It's 19 euro for a tour so that'll be a ton of fun. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.


"All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. "
Scott Alexander

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on November 24, 2010 at 22:08 PM


Is "brinked" a combo of binking and bricking? :)

Awesome post!

bosoxx34 posted on November 24, 2010 at 23:47 PM


lol didn't proof read in the 2 seconds I read, I saw about 8 mistakes but I'm too lazy to change it.

DiggerTheDog posted on November 25, 2010 at 00:42 AM


Whats the weather been like?

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