November 08, 2010

Reminded why I stopped playing tournies

  • I played some tournaments this weekend to try and refresh on my shoving/reshoving math to get sharp for Barcelona and I was reminded on why I hate them. There's just so much variance and I lost more 80/20s than I care to rehash. Obviously one way to counteract this is to play a bunch of tournies to try to balance out the variance but it's not something I'm eager to do.  Keep in mind that I played nothing tournaments for 2 years and this was a quick reminder of what I walked away from.
  • I'd also like to congratulate Vanessa for winning the PPT for I believe 1.8 million. Talking to her about poker a couple years ago as my coach you could really tell that she was at a level higher than most, the way she thinks about the game is incredible. I have a feeling she's going to start charging more than $650 an hour pretty soon and honestly she's worth pretty much whatever she decides her rate should be.
  • One good part about playing tournaments is I was able to put in some long cash game sessions as well. However a disturbing trend started this weekend. I was able to beat up on regs and the fish killed me. Far too often I got the fish down to their last $50 or so and they then ran it up to very large sums of money. The worst part is was it was usually all started by a suckout. So instead of having $0 left to play with they would double up and run it up. Very frustrating to say the least.
  • I had lunch on two separate occasions this week with friends of mine and poker was a topic during both. I'm usually very short about poker with my friends responding with "good" or "ok" if they ask me how it's going. I figure they don't want to hear about how I got coolered time after time last session or how I couldn't lose a coinflip. One thing I do have to watch is not using poker related terms around them although a few slip from time to time. I threw out the word freeroll during one lunch and my friend just said "I need a poker dictionary, you guys have so much lingo."
  • Another thing that I found funny was both asked me what my strategy was going to be for Barcelona. I froze the first time I was asked this question as I didn't know how to break it down in laments terms. I started off first by saying I play a pretty "tight, aggressive game" and the look on his face showed I needed to break it down a bit. I ended up landing on I'm not going to play a ton of hands but when I do I'll typically be raising.
  • The podcast I recorded with Joe and Chuck is now uploaded. You can listen to it here.
  • The month has started off pretty good. When I first started changing my game up ugotabanana told me there were going to be a bunch of swings. He wasn't kidding. Here's a shot of my graph so far this month and a song that has kept me sane. Not sure why but this number by Sara Bareilles kept me from throwing my headphones through the wall and dropping a number of BIs yesterday but it was invaluable.


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