November 02, 2010

Aubrey Huff, PTR, Poker Players and Money

I've been on a blogging roll of late with a lot of things happening and random ideas popping up into my head. First I want to start off with yet another gambling story. I was bored before game 4 of the World Series and was messing around looking at prop bets. I knew a lot about Tommy Hunter, the starting pitcher for the Rangers. When the Redsox faced him earlier this year he was off to a hot start and I had never heard of the guy. When that happens, I look them up and check to see if they're really good or lucky. Well Tommy Hunter is lucky, his pitching style is described as pitching to contact which is a nice way of saying you're not going to be around the big leagues too long. 

Well lefties crush Tommy Hunter, so the key was to find a bet that involved a lefty roughing up Hunter. I found 2 of those and another I liked. The first was Andres Torres > Elvis Andruws total bases (140 to win 100). Andrus isn't that good, Torres is much better from the left side, and Hunter sucks against lefties. The second was Nelson Cruz > Cody Ross in total bases (110 to win 100). This wasn't a great bet but Cruz hits lefties better, Bumgardner isn't as good against righties, and Ross stinks against righties. Finally, I decided to look for a big score, first home run of the game.

Scanning the list, I threw out Posey, Hamilton, Vladdy immediated. I needed a power lefty from the Giants. That's when I saw Aubrey Huff at +1200 (bet 100 to win 1200). I decided to place a $50 bet on him to hit the first HR and a $50 bet on Cruz to hit the first HR at +1200. In the third inning, Torres led off with a double, Sanchez grounded out, and up stepped Huff. I remember thinking "come on Aubrey (It's amazing how you call people by the first name when you bet them) lose one." The first pitch he saw from Hunter was a hanging curve ball and he crushed it.

Now I'm typically very good at knowing when a ball is gone, with the exception of Turner Field and you didn't have to watch a lot of baseball to know that this ball was absolutely crushed. When he made contact I yelled "Get outta here: and followed that up with "Stay fair!". As I stood up, to see if it stayed fair, my hand hit previous channel on the remote. So I had 2 seconds of panic not knowing exactly what happened. When I turned it back over Huff was rounding the bases, the ball wasn't close to going foul, and my hands just went in the air. Excited I texted my brother immediately telling him about my score and he just responded with a simple "That's awesome, and you owe me $50." I told him I'd give him $50 for every day that I bet a non-futures wager. I won the other 2 prop bets as well so it was a good game 4 for me.

The Giants closed it out tonight, congrats to any of their fans that read this blog. You guys are going to be very good for a lot of years with the young staff you have and they're a fun team to follow. I just wish i had enough guts to bet on them to win the World Series instead of the NL.

I rarely look at my PTR page, most of my comments just say bumhunter and hit and runner. They've missed my two biggest heaters of my career and with the exception if my friends I never see a positive comment posted on there. I decided to check it for the first time in a long time the other day and to my surprise there were positive comments. A few saying good luck to me, a few saying they enjoy down on the farm, and one very cool post defending me and my results. While I still don't like the comments section that much it was very fun to read.

Finally, while preparing a few DC short videos about money management I've thought about how bad poker players are with. I'm probably better than most and I make all sort of stupid purchases all the time. I have three unopened Amazon boxes sitting in my room at the moment. I buy all sorts of stupid needless stuff. I guess it's part of the profession, to play our best poker we have to be detached from the money. Meanwhile, carrying that over into real life isn't as good. I've also been known to tip a lot just because a meal is cheap. When I got back to Vegas, I left a $5 tip on a $7 meal because I wasn't used to seeing a meal for less than $10.

In addition, I won't hesitate to loan money to a friend in the poker world. Obviously site transfers make things a lot easier but I've loaned money to poker players before without thinking twice and I'd be reluctant to do that with most of my friends. Furthermore when I've traded online money before I've sent first with poker buddies 100% sure I wasn't getting scammed. People I've never met before, if you would've told me that 4 years ago I would've said you were out of your mind. How can anyone be that stupid? Obviously you have to be careful because scams do happen all the time but I'd much rather trade money with a poker player than pretty much anyone else.

Thinking about it a bit more, the contrast is stunning. If I go out to dinner with my buddies often times we're going to come up short the first time pooling money together. Meanwhile poker players don't have that problem since they gamble on who gets to pay the bill. So not only are they often paying the bill for 6+ people including drinks the bill is put all on one person's shoulders and more often than not they leave a hell of a tip. When you step back and take a look at it it really is crazy and cool at the same time. To the average Joe gambling to see who gets to pay a $700 bill is nuts meanwhile when it comes time to to play CCR poker players get excited. Strange world.


“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”.

- Albert Einstein

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woooo go giants!

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