December 27, 2009

50nl. Definately Different

So far I’ve played 25k hands of 50nl at a win rate of 11BB/100. The play is atrocious, yet at the same time these players have helped my game more than I could have imagined. By playing these guys it has forced me to make adjustments that I otherwise wouldn’t have made. Before I had one style for almost every opponent. Sure it deviated a bit but it was typically just 3X PF, cbet, and go from there and that was profitable but not the most +EV. Now just about everything I do has a reason. If I’m check raising I have some justification for it, if I’m calling down I have a read, note, etc. This is encouraging since my progress had really slowed the last couple months and dropping down to 50nl over rolled may have been a blessing in disguise.

One tip that I can give people who play micro stakes are against many opponents EVERYTHING is in their range. I recently played a guy who played about 70% OOP and I made my first 3bet with AJ. flop came 245, I cbet he called. Turn was a 6, I bet he called. River was a jack, I checked and he shoved. I called since besides 33, a 3 wasn’t really in his range. So what does he roll over? 36o, nice flop. But basically there are a ton of hands like this. I’ve seen people call 4bets with 42s, Q7o, and the list goes on. At these levels you can’t really dismiss anything as your opponents are going to love to call PF and see if they can “outplay you postflop” which basically means flop a pair/draw and not fold.

Another piece of advice is a big change I’ve made since moving down to 50nl is to have a completely unbalanced 3betting and 4betting range. I 3/4bet strictly for value as nobody folds. While all the cool kids 3bet Q8o, it’s just not that profitable at this level and when people are so eager to stack off with any pair, I’ve found the best way to exploit that is basically waiting for a good hand and shoveling money into the pot. My redline doesn’t look cool but my green line does.

Something I touched on last post was that some days you can’t win. This used to frustrate me more than anything else as sometimes people just don’t miss flops, or gutshots, or pretty much anything. I would commonly think “what else is new?” or “Why can’t I ever run that good.” I thought that was normal until I read to poker mindset by Mathew Hilger. It’s basically a less abstract version of the elements of poker. However by even thinking those things it was lowering my playing level and causing me to steam and tilt. I’ve made a conscious effort to keep a clear mind and roll with the punches over the past few weeks and its definitely helped. At 50nl there are definitely going to be days like this and obviously the more BIs you can save the better

I’m about 15 BI away from moving up to 100nl. I’m actually very excited to move back up and am eager to just 2 table again. Due to this hand prop bet I made I’ve been constantly 4 tabling. While I’ve become much better at it it’s very hard to make notes and really focus on one opponent. However, I’m finally ahead of pace for the first time this month and shouldn’t have any problems reaching 45k hands. I also plan to make videos as I move up in stakes. A few DC members have asked this and I’ve been randomly recording 50nl videos and I have at least 1 good one. I’m not sure if the guys upstairs will want to make it a series or just duel videos but we’ll see.

Also, one thing I was curious about is to why I was having good results coaching and not playing. After talking to a few people it seems that when I coach, I’m never playing underolled and am not making decisions based on that instead I’m focusing on the most +EV play. Furthermore, I wasn’t 100% focused when playing before as opposed to coaching where I was always concentrating on what my student was saying or doing.

Finally, I’ve contacted KasinoKrime about PLO coaching in a bout a month. Learning from previous experiences I’ll never play PLO underolled again. I’m never going to play a limit I have <100 BIs for as the variance is just too much for me. However I’m extremely excited to give the game another shot. Kasinokrime’s videos are great and I’ve read a couple good reviews on him so hopefully I can have a good January and get started in February.

Hope everyone is running well

“If you take everything I’ve accomplished in my life and condense it down to one day, it looks decent!” George Costanza

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rolfus posted on December 27, 2009 at 19:59 PM


'The Poker Mindset' is an excellent book and helped me alot. Is the first time I've heard someone mention it on a blog/forum

simpleme posted on December 27, 2009 at 21:37 PM


It looks like the skill level on 50nl varies a lot across various networks.
Inavacuum once described Ipoker 50nl as FTP 200nl when he was sweating me and you describe 50nl as if it are random monkeys clicking buttons. Which site are you playing on?

bosoxx34 posted on December 27, 2009 at 23:23 PM


Yeah, I'm not sure how it is at 6 max but the players are just brutal at 50nl HU.

goldganesh posted on December 29, 2009 at 18:47 PM


nice read!!!!

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Pervez77 posted on October 27, 2017 at 09:42 AM


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