October 28, 2010

Don't Play Too Many Tables

Last few weeks I've played 3 or 4 guys that were mid stakes regs at one point that were just auto piloting 6 tabling at 100nl. I know exactly what their mindset is. Now some guys can do this, but most can't and they're thinking "I'm down right now but if I mass multi table HU I'll be fine and get it back faster." It doesn't work like that, not in today's games. Unfortunately I know from experience. Here are the main problems with it, whether you realize these things are happening or not.

- You tilt easier. Sometimes you can feel yourself giving money away other times you can't. The times you can't you see when you look at your non-SD winnngs in your graph. You just bleed money away without even realizing it and you also don't play nearly as well causing your showdown winnings to go down as well.

- You're not going to improve. You're going to have one focus and one focus only. Getting hands in. You think if you get enough hands in you'll make money and be able to move up. Again, doesn't work like that.

- Fail to analyze ranges properly. This causes you to make important decissions on earlier streets and too fast. It turns into "ok, I'm calling turn and calling river" instead of thinking about how the river card affects his range, what his bet size means, etc. It will also lead you to acting too fast. You have less time to make decissions 6 tabling HU so you're gonna snap make decissions sometimes without even thinking about them.

-Play super ABC. All your creativity will be gone. Sometimes you make moves just because you feel like it then look back and ask "What was I doing?"

- Also you're not going to adjust at all. You're going to play one pre-flop style, one post flop style and nothing in between. It sucks and it's easily exploited by regs and even fish if you play them long enough.

- Finally you have no game selection. You want to get 6 tables up as fast as possible so you play the first 6 people that will play you. Not a winning strategy.

Things are going well since the Barcelona sat, have sold 11% of myself so far and hopefully the rest will be bought before the trip. I think I'm going to set one day aside to play like 6 tournies every week just to get used to playing FR again, go over shoving ranges, restealing ranges, etc. I hate tournies but there's no reason I shouldn't go into Barcelona unprepared. Obviously I'm also super excited to see the city.

Hope everyone is running well.


"“To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness.”

Benjamin Franklin

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