October 18, 2010

And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Lots of stuff to talk about in this entry. Firstly, our softball team advanced to the semis the other night which is actually quite an accomplishment for our squad as you know if you've been reading along with me. In the quarters we beat a team who had already beaten us twice during the year (11-6 and 16-11). We won 21-16 jumping out to a 14-2 lead, they made it as close as 16-12 but we settled down the rest of the way to win. We were fortunate to hit as well as we did all year and they only had 9 guys.

In the second inning I actually hit the pitcher hard in the hand with a line-drive. It obviously wasn't intentional although I do shoot the middle to try and get base hits as all you have to do is beat the pitcher and it's a single. As the pitch was coming down I remember thinking "I'm going to crush this pitch" as it was dropping in the perfect zone for me to hit it hard. I did feel bad as it must've hurt a ton, however I talked to a couple softball players the next day and they basically told me not to at all. One said "tell him not to pitch anymore" if he doesn't want to get hit. While the other said I should've yelled "middle's open" as I was running down to first. Obviously he was joking but basically they summed it up as yeah it sucks to hit him but if they're not playing a 5 man infield the middle is by far the best spot to get hits.

While we did win we're still a pretty weak team although our line-up has gotten a lot better. I think our 6, 7, and 8 hitters (I hit 6) all had at least 4 hits. We do have a weaker spot in RF, and he made a catch that reminded everyone of Smalls in the sandlot. Unfortunately they were trying to pick on him a bit and their leadoff hitter was up and hit a bullet to RF. He came in, jumped, turned his head and you just heard WHACK. Thank god the ball hit him in the glove, not his head and stuck. If you haven't seen the sandlot go to about 430 in this clip and it's basically the same thing.

I was the number one commented blog until FenderJanguar posted his awesome graph and now I'm number 2 again. I should've taken a screenshot of when I took over the lead as I don't see it changing for a long time.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Turningstone. I love golfing at nice courses especially in upstate NY in the fall with the foliage it creates for such relaxing atmosphere and scenery. Here are a couple pictures of the course I'll be golfing tomorrow. When I golfed in Vegas it was so weird as I wasn't used to the desert and no trees. It didn't helped that I lost 8 balls on the back nine either. So yeah I prefer golfing in NY to Vegas.

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Poker wise things couldn't be better. My goal was to win 10k this month and I'm at around 8k right now thanks to a second place finish in the $100 super turbo last night that netted me ~$4900. The good news is I can now move up to 200 finally. I really underestimated how long it would take me as I've had to withdraw each month so unless I had a great month at 100 I was pretty much breaking even with my account. This is obviously huge as at $200 you can make so much more money. I'll still be mixing in 100nl for action reasons but it feels great to finally be able to make the next jump.

I've been working a lot with ugotabanana lately and he's made a few changes to my game. Basically before I was guessing a lot with people's ranges and not applying as much pressure myself. Since we've had a few sessions it's been going much better, however it has been much more swingy. For example I lost about 15 BIs on Thursday and Friday before making 14 on Saturday. All in all Saturday was a $6400 day for me which is my best day in a long long time.

The only bad news is that yesterday since I was struggling so bad at the beginning of my session I sucked out with AK>AA AIPF for 100bbs and Nelly's Just a Dream was playing on my playlist. Being the superstitious person I am I decided to play the song again and I won another buy in. So I just said to myself "ok, this is staying on repeat for a while." Well that lasted through the tournament so I listened to the song for about 5 hours straight. I'm a country music fan, but will typically listen to anything and while I enjoyed the song before it's not gonna be on my playlist for about a week now. However at the time I couldn't change it as I was playing and running really well.


Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
Steve Prefontaine




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Did you happen to get this title from late night sports talk with Jason Smith by any chance? lol

bosoxx34 posted on October 19, 2010 at 03:07 AM


It's actually from this clip.


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