October 01, 2010

Bring it on Europe + October Goals

The Ryder Cup starts tomorrow and it's by far my favorite golf event. There's just something about the us vs them concept that makes it so compelling. The European team is loaded this year but hopefully the American's can play well and retain the cup. I do plan on going to the 2012 Ryder cup as the atmosphere seems so cool, its definitely something I've always wanted to do.

Here are my goals for October, I usually shy away from these but I've been pretty lazy as far as getting hands in that I want this to be documented.

  • 45k hands (for every 1 hand I'm under I'll donate $1 to the Jimmy Fund)
  • 10k profit
  • Run at least 45 miles, I've been super lazy with this ever since my late summer vacations so I want to get started again

Also, my major in college was personal financial planning. It's something I've always wanted to get into but enjoyed playing poker and coaching baseball more. I met with a former teacher this week and he gave me the number of a place where I can possibly work part-time. He also said he was going to make a call on my behalf which was incredibly generous. I'm going to get in touch with the owner of the company early next week and hopefully everything goes well. This would be ideal as it would allow me to continue doing what I am while making a solid source of income and it's also something I enjoy.

Hope everyone is running well.


"Success is simply a matter of luck.  Ask any failure."  ~Earl Wilson

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