August 23, 2010

My Parents Better Look Out.

  • Finally beat my brother in tennis, 6-3, 6-7, 6-4. Instead of hitting my backhand cross court into his forehand I've just been slicing it back it worked out well so hopefully the results continued. Also, played a buddy of mine the other day and playing another righty is so much easier for me as my backhand is actually a bit of a weapon against him.
  • I'm slated to play in 4 scrambles this summer. The first one we had a couple good golfers and only shot a -4, the second one was this Thursday and it's with by far the weakest group of golfers I'm going to be playing with the whole summer and we shot a -7. We used a lot of my drives which shows sort of how weak we were, but it was fun. Have another one this Saturday that we actually should be able to finish at least -8 and probably should do a bit better.
  • Have everything all set to go to the US Open, going to rounds 1 and 2 should be a blast.
  • I've been Playing a more aggressive style lately, sort of revamping my game before I jump up in stakes. Only problem with this is it's higher variance so it's easier for me to tilt (been doing a pretty good job with that so far although today wasn't great), fortunately it makes my opponents tilt as well. Here's some of the chat. From 3 people today.

Opponent 1: ur [arents hate u dont they

Opponent 1: yup ur terrible

Opponent 1: yup ur horrible

Opponent 1: ROFL


Opponent 1: ur bad at life

Opponent 2: i hope your parents die from cancer

Opponent 3: mate

Opponent 3: can u please send that back

Opponent 3: i shouldnt be playing

Opponent 3: this game

Opponent 3: please

Opponent 3: i swear

Opponent 3: u there?

bosoxx34: yes

bosoxx34: can't send it back

Opponent 3: please

Opponent 3: are u a pro?

Opponent 3: u can afford it

bosoxx34: doesn't matter

Opponent 3: ok

Opponent 3: well i hope god has mercy on ur soul u are a bad person



Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.


Abraham Lincoln

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