December 17, 2009

Jason Campbell...Yes the Jason Campbell

Warning: this is a complete brag post.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I’m in 3 fantasy football leagues. While I’ve hated being in 3 separate leagues I’ve done well in each of them. For those that play fantasy football you know how high variance all 3 can be, I’ve had some good luck this year and am in the semis of all three of my leagues. I typically have success in fantasy football but this year I’ve been fortunate that most of the guys I stayed away from were busts and the players I was high on did really well so I got really lucky in that regard.

One of my main rules is to never draft or spend too much on a QB in an auction. I’ve never picked a QB earlier than the 5th round and have never spent more than $3 on a QB in an auction. Sometimes this works (see Jay Cutler 2008) and sometimes it doesn’t (See Jay Cutler 09). When it doesn’t you have to inevitably end up scrambling for a QB, enter Jason Campbell. He’s going to be my starting QB in all 3 leagues this week. He’s not very good but has been playing well lately and has a good match up this week, home against the Giants. Also, while this didn’t effect my decision making he’s playing on Monday Night Football which is always fun as a fantasy owner.

Since I’m not sure if this will ever happen again, here are my starting line-ups going into the semis.

Redraft league, 12 teams TD Heavy

QB Campbell
RB Jones-Drew, C. Johnson
WR Ocho Cinco, Gates, Bowe or Harvin
K Akers
D Seattle

Auction league 12 teams, PPR (start any combo of 5RB/WR)

QB Campbell
RB Gore
WR Desean Jackson, Moss, Welker, A. Johnson
TE Winslow or F. Davis
K Kaeding
D Philly

Redraft league, DC league 12 teams PPR

QB Campbell
RB Rice, Gore
WR S. Smith (NYG), Colston
Flex S. Rice, R. Grant
K Stover

“That’s the paradox of success. The moment you stop to enjoy it, you are in trouble. You have to keep moving forward. It’s not what you have done that’s important. It’s where you are going.” Nick Saban

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on December 17, 2009 at 19:21 PM


Campbell has been much better since Jim Zorn gave up the play-calling duties. Also, the Giants D is no longer a powerhouse.

Sandtiger posted on December 20, 2009 at 06:57 AM


I assume you're starting Harvin if he's playing, otherwise Bowe. I like Davis over Winslow...and just in case you somehow don't know, S. Rice is Que with some mystery illness.

bosoxx34 posted on December 20, 2009 at 07:11 AM


Yeah thanks. unfortunately my Harvin/Bowe league is an old school league and line-ups have to be in by 1 so I think I'm gonna play it safe and start Bowe.

Gonna go with Davis for sure and if Rice can't play probably Davone Bess since it's a PPR league. Maybe I'll pick up the Chicago WR, too lazy to spell his name or Devin Thomas.

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