July 26, 2010

A big Pet Peeve of mine

OK, the Redsox are in big trouble and went to the store after the game today. There I saw a kid wearing a Yankee jersey. No big deal, I thought I hate the kid but I'd be showing it off too if my team was going to coast to the playoffs. As he walks by me I turn to look what number he had on and this is what I saw.

User Uploaded Image

Now I'm not a fasion guru but honestly, nothing really bugs me more than this. For those that don't know Yankee jerseys don't have names on the back of their uniforms.


User Uploaded Image

That is what an authentic jersey looks like. Now, one might ask, so what is a kid supposed to do if he or his parents don't want to spend the extra $100+ on a jersey. Well, I have a very simple solution. Player T-shirts. Not only are they $40 cheaper but you can wear them around much more than you can jerseys, and they look so much better. While it's ok for a little kid to wear this, anybody over 12 should go with an authentic jersey or player tshirt.

User Uploaded Image

 Boom, problem solved. Not only will you not look like a tool, you won't be criticized by knowledgeable fans. Also, you'll save about $40 a jersey.


Lloyd: [after a confrontation with Sea Bass] You really wimped out, man.
Harry: What are you talking about, wimped out? Wha... Did you s... The guy hawked on my burger!

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asidrane posted on July 27, 2010 at 15:22 PM


Yeah, the name on jersey that shouldn't have it is rally bad. A friend of mine bought a Nomar home jersey before they traded him and it had the name. He said he preferred that, the friendship ended soon thereafter.

bosoxx34 posted on July 27, 2010 at 17:55 PM


Yeah that's pretty much a deal breaker. If he wanted the name on it that badly just go with the road jersey.

jjd323 posted on July 28, 2010 at 14:56 PM


I'm pretty sure that you are the guy with the problem, not him.

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