July 20, 2010

This Redsox team is easy to root for

With the influx of bandwagon fans over the past 7 or so years the Redsox have become a very polarizing team. Rarely is any baseball fan indifferent in regards to how they feel about Boston. As a diehard fan of the Redsox I could really care less what the public perception is, but this team is shaping up to be a favorite of mine. I loved the 2003 team just because they just raked and the fact that was at this game. Obviously the 04 and 07 teams were fun to watch since they won the World Series, each with great ALCS comebacks. Even so, this 2010 team may be the easiest to root for.

Now I know what most baseball fans are thinking, how can a team with the second highest payroll in baseball be easy to root for? Well first off the Redsox have been incredibly unlucky with injuries. They've lost 2 outfielders, an all-star catcher, an all-star second baseman, their backup catcher, 2 starters, and a couple bench guys. There's way too many position players in their line-up with numbers greater than 50. However there are a ton of cool stories.

Darnell McDonald who was the former 7th overall pick and floated around in the minors for a long time was called up early in the year and in his first game hit a game tying pinch hit homer in the bottom of the 8th then a walkoff double in the ninth. He's continued to be a nice surprise. Also, Daniel Nava who got a shot when Hermida went down and hit a grand slam in his first at-bat. He was cut from the Santa Clara baseball team, and his story from that moment to making the majors is incredible.

In addition to that while in previous years it almost seemed like guys would give up at bats or the team would just have days where it looked flat I've never felt that vibe from this years team. Yes, I know this is impossible to measure and I have no basis for it but the 2010 Redsox tend to battle for 27 outs every game. They may be outgunned at certain times and if Bill Hall comes up in one more big spot I may shoot myself but the team has been incredibly resiliant and a joy to watch.

I've pretty much given up on the division as I think the Yankees are just too good however if they can stay within 3.5 games of the wild card until Beckett, Buccholz, Pedroia, and martinez get back they have a legitamate shot at making the playoffs. Before the injuries hit they were playing as well as anyone in baseball so if they can get into the dance, they'll be very dangerous and if they don't at least they're going to battle until the end.


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