October 11, 2013

From Busto to Robusto (Part 2)

The next day I was at work, hoping to hear back from either of the 2 companies I interviewed with when I got a call from Kate. I asked how the interview went and she said "It went terrible, it only lasted 20 minutes and they OFFERED ME THE JOB! I start in 2 weeks" While I was overjoyed at her success part of me wondered how we were going to make it work. We were already broke I didn't have a job in Charlotte, and we had nothing. All I knew is we were moving and there wasn't anything I was going to do to stop it.

After Kate accepted the job, I was hoping like crazy that I'd hear from one of my interviews. For the banking job, the interviewer had texted me asking when I can be down for an in person interview and told him when, he said he'd be in touch then and had heard nothing from the financial analyst position at the store. The time was flying by, we needed to secure an apartment, pack our things, and other random moving errands  and all with very little money, very little credit, and very little time. (Excuse the formatting here)

As far as the apartment, after some struggles we were able to secure one the day before we were driving down. Fortunately my parents gave me us a going away package that was able to buy us about a month in terms of expenses. I can safely say without that, I'm not quite sure what we would've done for the first month. Saying goodbye to family and friends wasn't easy but it was a necessity. There were very few jobs available in my hometown and I didn't have any relevant experience.

So we prepared to make the 10 hour drive to Charlotte NC. The day of the move, getting everything packed up and in the car I  received a phone call from the department store. They wanted to have 2 more phone interviews, one that day and one the next. I was so optimistic and well prepared, we had to push our departure time back but it was a no brainer decision for us. 

The first interview was that day and I thought it went very well. It was pretty informal but it was a great 30 minute conversation. Kate and I stayed overnight in Morgantown WV which is about halfway between Rochester and Charlotte. The next day my interview was at 2:30 and we were going to get into Charlotte around 1. Wouldn't you know it, around noon 70 miles outside of Charlotte, Kate's car broke down.

Murphy's Law right? We stopped at a gas station deciding what to do after AAA gets there to tow her car, Kate offers to drive so I can take the interview over the phone. I was considering just staying at the gas station but no sense to wait there for 30-45 minutes after the tow got there. about 2 minutes before 2:30 Kate stopped at a rest stop so I could take my call. It wasn't an ideal scenario but it was the best out of all the options. 

Again, this interview went really well. No offer at the end of it but the VP said since I'm getting into Charlotte on Tuesday lets meet up again. When I hung up I told Kate what he said and she mentioned "It sounds like they're going to offer you the job." I agreed and for the first time in a long time I was optimistic about getting a job.

Funny enough before we made it to Charlotte, the Bank of America guy texted me asking when could we meet. This was on a Thursday and I actually said on Monday because I was worried what I'd do if he offered me the job on Friday. Talking about getting ahead of yourself. BOA guy was unavailable until Wednesday but offered to meet over the weekend at a Starbucks. Again, I turned that down.

On Monday my recruiter called with another job from Bank of America and set something up for Thursday. I was a little short with her as I was focusing on my interview the next day as that was a full time position and the other 2 were contract jobs, but thanked her and went back to studying.

So came the big day, I was ready to go. I had answered all of their interview questions, what else could they ask me? The interview was at 10 and I got my first taste of Charlotte traffic. as I had left at 8:45 and it took me about an hour to get there. I gave my name to the security guard in the lobby and had to take a picture for a visitor's pass. As I sat waiting with my prepared questions I was just ready to end this process, and as I soon found out so were they.

I saw the VP walking towards me and he was with the guy I had my very first interview with. He said he just wanted to come down to say hello again, but had to run back upstairs. The VP sat down next to me in the lobby and asked "Any questions for me?" I asked him something like, what's a typical workweek like and if I was hired, when would I start.

To the second question he said "To be honest with you, we're not in any hurry to fill this position. My guess is it's going to be about another month. Any other questions?" I had nothing, disheartened that it could take another month. I just said "Nope, that's all I got." He responded, "Well thanks for coming in, sorry to make you go through traffic. I'm really busy today and honestly I just wanted to put a face to the name. Thanks for coming in."

I got up and shook his hand and left. There was so many emotions running through my body. I was pissed, disappointed, defeated, shocked, and frustrated to name a few. What was the point of having me come in? It was ridiculous, the interview process had already been about 4-6 weeks and now it's going to take another month?

The next morning I got a call from the HR department, they decided to go with someone else. I hung up the phone and just sat on the couch just exhausted with the whole job search, not mad or upset. It was clear after yesterdays "interview" that I wasn't a high priority there. After playing/teaching a game of deception and lies for a living for 4 years, my first thought was "Maybe real life isn't a whole lot different from poker."

Part 3 to come soon

On a side note, I recently randomly texted chuck because a friend of mine was in NYC. I briefly caught up with him, but I'm curious what other poker players are doing since black friday. Feel free to PM me, comment in the blog, whatever you want. I'm constantly curious about that sort of thing as to how we all ended up.

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on October 11, 2013 at 18:59 PM


Damn you real life for not ending like the movies. Or maybe since there's still a part 3, there's still hope...

(Side note - you should post a link to part 1 at the top for those who missed it.)

KasinoKrime posted on October 14, 2013 at 18:15 PM


anxiously waiting :)

paul092 posted on June 06, 2017 at 20:14 PM


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