October 01, 2009

September Report

I kinda failed monstrously in all my goals except for teh 3/6 shot, which I’ll come to in a minute.

Bascailly my MAN-CAVE and various other aspects of life took over in September much to the detriment of me being able to grind hands leading to something like a 4k hand month.

The upside being that it didn’t give any chance for my rungood to end so I started 3/6, caught fire and ended up with a $1k month to represent my 4k played hands.

And as an additional bonus PTR gave me the Steady Eddie achievement for my 10k hands they have on me….I don’t know if I should laugh or cry since everything they have on me’s pretty bad :) (Tilt Score 24 my ass)

Well bankroll growing nicely, about $1k in bonus already available if I can grind Nova by the end of the year which shouldn’t be too hard so maybe the pipe dream of 0.5/1 to 5/T in 6 and a bit months is still alive….we’ll see

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Lysistrata posted on October 01, 2009 at 21:14 PM


gogogogogogo!!! You're not just running good... I'm sure you're PLAYING good, too! I miss you (and the rest of my life, too, but you especially)! Hope your room is coming together nicely and that you have a new chair. I have nightmares about that thing.

Boomer posted on October 02, 2009 at 06:23 AM


Awww miss you too. I tried posting on your blog but it kept rejecting my OpenID despite the fact I was looking at the page I was tryign to direct it to :(.

Room's coming together great and it's just the last bits of paper now then it's up to me to fill it with stuff.

I played ok this month for sure but getting quads twice in 200 hands helps :) ..... although I did go 0-3 with AA in 10BB pots in that session too.


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