January 08, 2011


Hmm I'm certainly not in top form at the tables at the moment, I'm just trying to iron the kinks out of my play more than anything at the moment.

While I wait for some cash to clear I'm playing down at lower stakes just to get back into a rhythm and feel my way back and I felt out of whack this morning more than anything, plus my aggression was pretty much out of control, 3-betting wildly, which lead to some pretty interesting stuff happening.  I'm just not sure I really respect the stakes enough for it to have been useful to me really...that said it's getting me back used to the play again and it's been a while since I did any serious grinding so I'll let it slide for now.  Probably will invest in TableNinja though, especially if I'm serious about this Supernova and playing 15k hands a month which working full time & making videos etc lark.

It's all about getting back to it at the moment more than anything else.

In other news, a couple of things have riled me a bit recently, mainly involved with people saying they'll do something and then at the last minute after you've made preparations then pulling out and offering little to no explanation.  Obviously this is sometimes unavoidable and understandable but I fear this time I've simply been lied to/made promises that could never be kept and that's something that really gripes my wagger.  Having said that I'm sure things will work out and I'm trying to keep things looking positive throughout the year.

On a fun note, in response to yet another "Rigged" thread and the Magic16 or whatever rigged vids on Youtube I'm actually tempted to start up a channel where people just send in videos of themselves running ridiculously hot, kinda following up on PygmyHero's thread from last year.  I think I may try that as a response vid.  It'll be funny at least I think.

Take Care Guys, Boomer

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