June 27, 2010

Half Time - Germany 2-1 England

Well it's a great game...

But another big decisions vs England in a major championships.

Argentina in 1986 and 1998, Potgual in 2004 and now this...

That shot from Lampard could only had been further in if it touches the NET!!  And before anyone mentions 1966 it took 25 years for anyone to conclusively say that the whole ball wasn't over the line (most of it was)...that took 25 milliseconds.

Trying to regain my cool a bit England do deserve to be behind.  Germany have been by far the better team.

Barry has been a shambles, Ozil has been allowed incredible space, nobody is tracking, it's awful.  Upson has been a shambles at the back, Johnson hasn't had a good touch yet.  Disaster.

The only upside might be that england will now be so wound up that Germany are going to be under seige in the 2nd half if they have any pride.  This is going to be something

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