June 18, 2010

Continuing the World Cup Blog...

I'll be posting Half time and Full time opinions on here and updates during the match on my Twitter feed (BoomerDC).

I do highly recommend OTR's blog though for play-by-play of the US matches...that's some great stuff.

By the way, at BBB's direction I looked up Robert Green on Wikipedia and went through some of the history...avert your eyes if you're sensitive:

Edit 1:

Prick, stupid mistake against USA.

Edit 2:

Green scored a own goal in his first start at the 2010 FIFA World Cup against the United States, a game he should never have been selected for. WHERE IS JAMES?!?

Edit 3:

On 10 October 2009, he became the first ever t**t to be sent sucked off, during the penultimate game of qualification against Ukraine, for a professional BJ on Artem Milevskiy early in the game. England went on to lose 1–0 because hes a t**t.[26][27]

Edit 4:

In the summer of 2008, Green f****d a man during a gay event for LGBT.[29]  He has stated that ex straight reserve gays BJing coach Martin Cock inspired him to become a gay after a talk at Green's rehab. He is a fan of men

Wow, one little mistake that may not even matter....

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