May 27, 2010

Relaxing - US Trip Part 5

Had a bit of a day off yesterday after we returned from AC.  Mostly spent playing Wii, during which I learned the bullet in Mariokart is sick and having PH scream "OMG HOLD!!!" as I come crashing through the field is pretty funny.

Did a bit of work with Mike a little later in the evening before too much beer was drunk and I even managed to get an online session in.  I miss the live dudes, online players are wierd. Just kidding guys but it was amusing how different the games were and what a massively different thought process I was needing for the vast majority of the hands.

I do intend to try and record a video before I leave but I'm not sure if i will be able to but we'll see

Not sure what today's plan is, I think we're all meeting up for dinner and then moving on to the Washington Monuments.  Should be a ton of fun.

Take Care


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