March 01, 2012

Finally getting the good stuff in Korean

Since been in Korea a while now I'm getting the language and social lingo down fairly well. Here's a taste, and a reminder for myself. I would write this in hangul (korean alpahbet) but my laptop doesn't have the hangul buttons.

Ya, jona pono ju sayo - Hey, give me your phone number

Deh rio da jul keh - I'll take you home

Toyoil bam eh boja - Se you on Saturday night

Mahsahgee heh ju say yo - Give me a massage

chingu del lyo wa - Bring your friends

onneeya del lyo wa - Bring your older sister (which just actually means, 'bring your slightly older close friend who is also a female', they call eachother brother and sister as friendship terms even if they are not actually family)

kee yo wo - You're cute

Bwo yor jo - Show me

moh hey - What's up/ What are you doing

yo bo say yo - Hello (when on phone)

dot dae - last cigarette

Sul ma she-lay - Do you wanna drink? (alcohol obv, and to friends)

Sul han jan hey yo - Do you wanna drink? (alcohol obv, but to a fit bird)

Club ka ja - let's go to a club

Jip eh ka ja - let's go home

Jon hwa heh - Call me later (when on phone)

nah jun ee bah - see you later

bo go ship oh - I miss you

Orum ju say yo - Give me ice please

tec beyol hada - You're special

Misoga yepuda - You have a pretty smile

Misoga eepo - You have a beautiful smile

sah ju sayo - buy it!

Begupa - Hungry

wan jon begupa - very hungry

Ara yo - Do you know/understand (are are asking)

Ara so - I know/understand (you are answering)

no nung hal su esoh - You can do it

wan jon - very

jay mee esoh - funny

wan jon jay mee esoh - Very funny

nongdam - joking

nugu - who

ne ga - I/Me

morh - what

odi - where

onjay - when

odoh kay - when

weh - why

Chan/Jan - Cheers

We ah yo - Cheers

Thats me done, I'm practising this, and having access to this from the smartphone is great while at work so I can practice.

In other news unrelated here's a picture of boshintang 보신탕  (Dog Soup)

User Uploaded Image

It's delicious. Frankly, sorry if you don't feel great about it, but this is pretty standard in Korean culture. You can read more about it here


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eminemead posted on March 02, 2012 at 01:00 AM


hey,man.can u play poker and use moneybookers/neteller there?

mitch posted on March 02, 2012 at 03:51 AM


How much of the dog meat is the kept in cages electrocuted kind vs more humane options? Is it easy to find out how the animals were kept or is it not that important to people in general?

Wish countries were more rational about eating dog/horse/other animals (in that it's just a reasonable of an option as other animals and in no way should be illegal).

Acombfosho posted on March 03, 2012 at 07:44 AM


@ eminemead - Yes you can in Korea. But you've gotta be a waygook. Korean nationals can not play inside Korea. There are about 7 Casinos that cater to the foreigner market though. Most of it is played in live casinos. For example Seoul is hosting the APPT this coming week.

@ Mitch. I have no idea, but I think that in general they are electrocuted. I've heard sometimes they are just beaten to death. I would prefer that they just do the cattle gun on them but it's not my country so..


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