February 19, 2012


I've just finished reading Phil Gordons Little Gold Book. Let me say this, it was surprisingly good. An easy recommendation to make. I'd say it is better than the poker blueprint, small stakes no limit holdem, harrington on 6max online cash, hole card confessions and pretty much any other book out there set in this price bracket <$30.

Phil has a good writing style and the book even covers PLO to some extent. The best part for me was the insights from Jungleman in a question and answer format. These dozen or so pages alone make this book worth getting. There are also sections with Annette Obrestrad and Phil Galfond which are great too.

If you're like me and have read all of the books out there, then there will be a lot of times in the book that you will think 'Yes, I know this already', but if you are reading as an experienced player who is looking for a refresh or an intermediate player looking to get to the next step then this book is for you.

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Here's a quote from page 117 of the book with Jungleman Daniel Cates:

DANIEL: Before we start, Phil, I want to set a foundation for what we’re trying to accomplish. What we’re trying to do is simple: make money. Don’t
worry about balance or looking like an idiot. Don’t worry about playing an elegant game. All we want to do is maximize our EV and make money.
There is always a best way to play a hand. For every spot, there is an ideal action. We’re going to act based on what we know about our opponent, and we’re going to play a maximally exploitative style, even if that makes us exploitable in a few spots ourselves. Every action has a justification, and every action adds to our overall expectation and long-term EV. 


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SnappieVouz posted on February 19, 2012 at 16:04 PM


with Phil Galfond advice, a poker book can't really go wrong for that price.


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