November 13, 2011

more korean lingo

gecha - train

bi hengee - airplane

Pyo odi so sah yo - Where can I get a ticket

ohdohkay cha ja ka yo - How can I go there?

dohshee - city

she neh - downtown

rull chatgo isseyo - I am looking for..

hwa chang shil - bathroom

hwa chang shil rull chat go iss eyo - I am looking for the bathroom. Literally, bathroom, i am looking for.

moh ga mat iz si yo - what tastes good?

jal mot geh sal mi dah - bon appetit, enjoy your meal

mul juseyo - water please

geh san soh ju sayo - the bill please

jal mo got sum mi da - That was a good meal. Literally, I ate well

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