August 18, 2011

fun and games

A little trick ive recently thought about is that I have actually filtered all my 100nl hands from all my different skins ive played on (ladbrokes, nordicbet, 5050, RV, VC and purplelounge) out of my db and imported them into a new one, and now only play on this new one, because now i can just look at a sexy graph and dont have to look at the fucking run bad aids at higher stakes and long stretches of hands playing lower stakes

User Uploaded Image

Makes me know I have won over a good sample and that even within that sample I have had long break even stretches but the graph always goes UP! Even though its a trick I like it and I feel more confident.

Did my 15 situps 15 press up 15 squats and went on a 30 min walk instead of 15min run today.

Finished the Dont Listen To Phil Hellmuth book. Overall its very good. Certainly the best 'beginner book' out there, but I wouldn't say it was quite so useful for anyone who has played 2+ years though.

I did a massive db review of another member here, and I couldn't really find any leaks at all, maybe blind play but that was it. I think if anything he was playing too GTO and not exploitative enough!

Luckily getting some coaching from Barry Carter and Jared Tendler this week, hoping that goes well and helps me get my arse in gear and crushing the games again, ill post the audio after its finished.

Going to finish off phase 2 and then get Cbet and Check session underway!


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Drshoe posted on August 19, 2011 at 07:42 AM


nice video

nice garrph


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