August 05, 2011

26 months later.. full circle

About 26 months ago I made this post The Ten Commandments

  • “Poker is a game in which you are rewarded for making good decisions and punished for making bad ones. The merit of your decisions is dependent on how well you process various types of incomplete information.”
  • What can be taken from this is therefore, as a poker player, you are a situation processor; There are many possible situations in poker, process them well and you profit.
  • Be well hydrated, fed, warm and comfortable. Have a desire to play and a desire to process the situations as best as you can. Play as much A-game as possible by consciously choosing to play less C-game. Play in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and with an analytical mindset.
  • Play in a positive mindset – play happy, play aggressive, put people to decisions, play within your roll, play positionally aware, power poker.
  • Set positive goals – doing goals.
  • Look for weaker tables, and leave to find better tables if your current line up is tough.
  • Play positionally – play PP’s (77+) and big suited broadways UTG, fold smaller suited connectors and gappers. Widen this from the CO and Button.
  • Put your opponent on a range of hands and narrow this range as streets progress, work out your plan of attack based upon this range.
  • Bet if you can get value from an inferior holding, or if you can get a stronger holding to fold.
  • Have a clean break from a session every 90 minutes.
  • 3 BI’ stop loss, if the fog has hit – quit!
  • Every session is a chance to improve, so review your hands and post those HH’s!

 I think that these are still true to this day. Its gone full circle, before I had these ideas, and ive learned and expanded on my thinking so much, read so many books, posted so many hands, watched so many videos, played so many hours, and it all again comes back to these rules. Ultimately I think these rules are for ME, perfect to my mind and how I play poker. Its been a journey I have enjoyed and now its time to move on. I am really pleased to say I have just got a job in Korea and am going to be teaching English there. It signifies a fresh start for me and I feel like Ive gotten the most out of DC that I can, so now im going to blog at Bluefire

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doc.lemon posted on August 05, 2011 at 18:13 PM

Lemon (automobile)

Korea is sick I am jelly. Where are you staying? Are you a Starcraft fan ? Are you single? :)
Please remember to post pics of Korean Barbecue, it's legendary.

Tbh I don't care where you blog, but the move is probably a good one, DC is not a good place for a blog as nobody reads the Blog section and your posts go to waste so much. What will be your BFP name?

Thisbetom posted on August 05, 2011 at 19:42 PM


Please post new blog link!

Also, I'd get 7 habits of highly effective people and read it in your downtime. This post summarizes the main theme of the book well and I feel like you would enjoy it as an ancillary read.

mitch posted on August 06, 2011 at 04:41 AM


"I am have just got a job in Korea and am going to be teaching English there."



kennycalhoo posted on August 08, 2011 at 11:15 AM


I'm really going to miss your blog here, fwiw. Your posts are always incredibly insightful, and have helped me out immensely. So, fwiw, I say keep blogging here too! :)
Either way, gl with the new job, and have fun in Korea.


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