August 01, 2011

Playing to win by Sirlin

"Playing to Win Becoming the Champion "

For me, this is a great book about winning 'mind sports', perhaps the best ever written - its designed for online gamers and competitive arcade video gamers. I think it applies very well to online poker. I first read this about 3 years ago and I just stumbled upon it today once again. Enjoy!

Also while on the subject of psychology, a good intro to confidence from the book The Confidence Gap is a worthy read. I am thinking about buying this book.. anyone else read it? 

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Above is a pic of me and parker 'playing to win' - one of my fave pics and makes me lol everytime i see it, this was taken in Chiang Mai in Thailand during Songkran festival

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mitch posted on August 01, 2011 at 15:53 PM


Half way through it, getting a ton out of it. I'm such a scrub :)

Ty for the recommendation!


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