July 28, 2011

Dont Listen to Phil Hellmuth..

Leatherass and some other guy.. lol, I mean Dusty Schmidt and Paul Hoppe, have written a new-ish book called Don't Listen to Phil Hellmuth. I am about 50 pages into the book, and so far and I like it. I feel that it is a little long winded in its explanations but the concepts are very good so far even though so far they are not points which I haven't heard before. However the structure of the book is nice so far and I will look forward to finishing it. After I have read the book in full I am going to write a review of it and as usual take my notes. Yesterday I re-read Treat Your Poker Like A Business in one sitting as it is a pretty quick read. Its definitely a solid book, and always worth another look every 6 months.

I started re-reading Professional No Limit Holdem V 1 and I think that its good after the second half of the book, the first 130 pages are really pretty basic for 'professional poker' but planning hands from about midway onward are useful things to always work on and understand.

Played a little session today, ended up a few buyins but nothing spectacular happened. I'm still down more than 1k for the month but I am feeling the benefits of working through some of my procedural memory leaks and emotional triggers recently. Last hand got it in with AK v AA in a HU match today and was not very bothered about it, just a standard situation, then villain sat out and left. The thing I did think about was that I should probably have stopped playing him as soon as I realized he was competent. We traded back and forth for a good hour or so and in the end we got it in pre AK v AA and I was dominated but the lesson to learn is that in reality the edges I had against this guy I was playing were so small that when you factor in the rake it is kind of a waste of time. Now, this was at a 6max table and we were waiting for other players to join, but after more than one hour of playing the table was still only us two guys HU. I should have stopped after a dozen hands and just looked for better action elsewhere.

I have to send off my documents to Korea to get the flights and visa sorted via DHL or FEDex, however it will have my passport, degree and criminal record sealed inside so its pretty important it doesnt get lost. Which service is best in the UK as Ive never really sent a parcel with important documents in that far overseas (postcards don't really count!).. any one know that would be nice if you could tell me who is the best and the fastest! Thanks 


leatherass podcasts from DC:



thanks to sandr1x (i linked them in this post so i could save target as..)

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sandr1x posted on July 28, 2011 at 01:39 AM


Have read "Treat your poker like a business" and pretty excited about "Don't listen to Phil Hellmuth", half through this book, too. I think Dusty is a great person and poker player, so his advices are worth listening to. Found couple of podcasts with him here, on DC:


Acombfosho posted on July 28, 2011 at 02:16 AM


chhers, gonna link them in this blog :) thanks


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