June 25, 2011

Life in the UK

Im back in the UK one month now. Its alright, weather is good this time of year (kind of), and Im doing something totally unrelated to poker which actually is a nice refreshing change. Im working @ shine studios on the business side of things, which means a lot of meetings, coffee, cig breaks and laughs, as well as copious amounts of what I see as unnecessary paperwork!

Meeting up with my old mates is great too. They havent changed, feels like straight back into the old groove as if the last 20 months were a mere 20 minutes. My close friend is away though, in China, and I feel like I will be shortly joining him in SEasia again, however this time in Seoul, South Korea.

Working a real job along side playing poker has many benefits, and a couple of downsides. The pluses are that you have a routine every day, you get paid every day regardless of how you do at the tables, and this has a side effect of your play at the tables being much more focused on making +EV plays and really squeezing every bit of EV you can (although you should do this anyway, i dont know it just feels different).

I'm currently watching Self Made Wealth by Eban Pagen, so far so good, a very nice series so far and I definitely have a different view on the way wealth works even after only 3 of the seminars.

Goals for next month will be to grind 200k hands of rush along side working!

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