May 30, 2011

Thin Red Grind Notes

Thin Red Grind Notes by Grindcore

  • beat micros by playing solid, making strong hands and going to showdown
  • big bets usually = value
  • get the money in before the board changes
  • go for the line that gives you the biggest amount of information
  • take notes on good lines by villains too
  • get a read, follow it
  • if its close and you are readless but calling will give you a read. call if the odds are OK and you can use the information later
  • you beat nits by winning all the small pots and out nitting them in the large pots
  • check how many tables villains are playing
  • think about his range, make a choice, think about how his various actions change his range
  • too many tables is bad. play 4 tables and THINK
  • make use of the time on 4 tables, take 2 seconds more than normal on every decision. This will train your brain to stop and think extra when you do have a hand its a fast track to improve more
  • have a plan before you act, and tailor your plan to your villain. Does villain not fold to cbet alot? Why cbet air? THINK
  • think about your percieved range when oop and see if you can rep boards that dont hit villains range
  • when you are card dead open up last hand in HEM viewer showdown and take notes on anything you notice in your opponents
  • if you are going to stack his value range anyway and he sill has bluffs in his range, why not let him bluff?
  • is HE honest or DISHONEST? - form this opinion BEFORE you make your choices vs villain
  • target each player and make individual plans for each - adjust accordingly when they are tilted, winning, chatting, etc
  • manipulate their frequencies - say someone opens alot BTN and cbets a ton.. how do u exploit? bluff raise flops obv

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