May 13, 2011

Whales Tales notes

  • it takes a while to get good
  • know someones range preflop - its important
  • one note about a villains PLAY is important for how to play vs him in future
  • adjust your ranges based upon image
  • stats of under 200 hands are usually useless
  • set up plans for different opponents
  • strong range 4u +weak range 4 them = aggression
  • value, bluff, dead money are the only reasons to bet
  • caution is good, think on every street
  • dont play back light until you have REASON
  • closing the action has V HIGH VALUE
  • what is the goal of 4bet shipping.. what is the GOAL of every decision
  • take notes on even marginally suboptimal plays from villains.. they add up
  • in spot where villain is on turn and never bluffing the river, and we dont plan on folding on any river, we cant let him play perfectly on the river by flatting a turn bet, let him make a mistkae there and then and ship the rest
  • flating OOP in general is a huge mistake
  • on downswings.. higher stakes DS 'happen quicker than lowerstakes DS's.. less HS sessions are the reason why and in general the per bb/100 w/r  is more true factor in determining good and bad players. Its important to run good at the right time. When moving up table select WAY MORE and quit faster if you run bad.
  • when considering implied odds, also consider if you are drawing to a worse hand
  • consider your hand vs the range of villain always .. on every street.. then make a decision.. DUH
  • poker is a complex rock paper sissors ... stay ahead of the trend.. if everyone is throwing rocks.. try paper
  • bigger oop to reduce positional disadvantage
  • if we have a monster and they bet small, raise it up, trapping them by slowplaying doesnt do much for us, inflate the pot now
  • take shots in good games
  • going busto.. getting back into action you need to propose a plan and stick to it, make a PLAN and EVALUATE it regularly

Next up is Phil Galfond Philosophy notes

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mitch posted on May 13, 2011 at 13:49 PM


Baluga's the nuts. Have you seen the group coaching videos he sells on 3betting and OOP play?

velvia posted on May 13, 2011 at 14:50 PM


Good writing, love it


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