April 12, 2011

Approval, Rejection, 3 Types of Person + my b4 and after photos cutting carbs


Playing With the Hair Indicates highest satisfaction towards the person speaking but carries connotations of affection

Kissing By slightly puckering lips into a kiss, person expresses approval towards topic being discussed or person with whom they are speaking

Lip Licking Conveys approval towards topic or person speaking

Lip Biting This portrays great emotional involvement and is an invitation for further discussion

Leaning Forward Indicates interest in topic and person speaking

Opening Arms and Legs Invitation for further discussion

Putting Finger or Object in Mouth Sexual connotations towards person speaking or topic being discussed

Casually Touching Signifies empathy 

Pressing Tongue Against Inside of Cheek Beginning to approve of a subject but still considering

Moving Objects Toward Oneself Represents an attempt to take the lead in a discussion


Leaning the Body Backwards Indicates a withdrawal from a topic

Throat Clearing Conveys a rejection of an argument

Rubbing Nose with a Finger Expresses rejection of a topic

Moving Objects Away From Oneself Represents withdrawal from conversation

Brushing Away Dust or Crumbs from Table Signifies closing of a discussion

3 types of people

Debbie: I don’t see how you are saving me money.

Brian: Listen to me. Hear how I am saving you money. I am discounting you 15 percent.

Debbie: I still don’t see how you are saving me money.

Only until one of them adopts the representational system of the other does the other understand.

Brian: Let me show you on this paper how I will give you a 15 percent discount.

Debbie: Great! Now I understand!

The above is an example of how different people view the world around them. I am KINESTHETIC (feeling/doing) so if you want to talk best to me, you should be saying "I feel like doing xyz.." or "I am going out, are you coming too?". There are also AUDITORY (say/hear) and VISUAL (see). When interacting with people, pay attention to which words they are using to describe how they view the world. Respond to them in this same representational system and you will see vastly different results.

If you are in conversation but wish to immediately stop, try these three techniques:

1.) Change your physiology. You may want to physically create some space, break your eye contact or raise your eyebrows. These are subtle ways to kindly end conversation. If you want to be more forceful, turn your back to them.

2.) Change your sound. Alter your voice intonation or volume. Speak louder or softer, higher or lower or even resort to silence.

3.) Change your word choice. This is when you need most to practice the word so many of us are often afraid to use: “No.” You can lighten this word with a: “No, thankyou,” but even that one seems hard to use at times.

These are my newest notes from Sam Chauhans book, 'Minds Power Unleashed', I am currently at Chapter Eleven: To See or Not to See. In other news its Songkran Festival, which although is a religious festival at heart, the reality is its just a big party, so tomorrow its time for water fight! I cant go out of my hosue with anything electrical or anything valuable (like my degree certificate) so I cant scan my documents yet, I will wait til after songkran festival is well over so that they dont get ruined by the inevitable torrents of water that will get chucked all over me!

I recently discovered about the Primal Blueprint thanks to this thread. Which led me to watch the movie Fat Head, check it out http://www.hulu.com/watch/196879/fat-head +http://www.fathead-movie.com/ . Which led me to cutting carbs as much as possible and eating more protein (bacon! :P ) and I think it is working.

Here is a pic of me before learning about this thread..
User Uploaded Image
and after...

User Uploaded Image

It works



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ravenjetbyrne posted on April 12, 2011 at 15:30 PM


thanks for the pics,now i have something to beat off too tonight when the bad beat monster rapes my soul

Acombfosho posted on April 12, 2011 at 16:02 PM



PokerWannabe posted on April 13, 2011 at 00:37 AM


How long of a time period is that over?

Acombfosho posted on April 13, 2011 at 08:24 AM


I couldnt find a pic from IMMEDIATELY before I started the diet so that was from a last year, the after pic was from last week

i have also done the lemon detox diet for 6 days and epson salt cleanse three times too, they help me cut weight also

with the PB i also feel energy way up and happiness way up

PokerWannabe posted on April 14, 2011 at 07:51 AM


I guess my question was how long did it take you to see results like that?

Acombfosho posted on April 16, 2011 at 07:59 AM


2 months

google tabata protocol

lemon detox diet and epson salts


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