April 08, 2011

april showers

this month its gonna be songkran in chiang mai, its very fun, heres a video from last year, i cant wait!

Know your own body and mind - if you are a naturally slow and methodical player perhaps playing rush is not for you

Stats dont mean everything, actions are more relevant so take notes

Avoid Marginal Spots - you cant lose money you didnt put in the pot

Think about how you can manipulate your perceived range in different spots

Play very tight OOP and love the BTN

Control pots on the BTN - position allows you so much control

Villains play tighter without the initiative so take their aggressive actions as more honest

Iso fish with more broadways

Look at the biggest winners in your games and then filter through their game plan on HEM - take notes in HEM - exploit them

If it is close, look at villains WWSF, if they fight for more pots, give them less credit and vice versa (WWSF 35% don’t bluffcatch him,   50%+ call him down super light WTSD  30%+ hes gonna bluffcatch      20% bluff him, he don’t bluffcatch much High WTSD and W$SD =  he don’t value bet thin River agg frequency   <20% he don’t bluff >30% he bluff a lot )

They dont know your range so dont worry about folding if you dont know what to do

Put in More Volume, or think about how you can get in more hands without increasing the hours you play, experience counts, the human body is a self correcting biological machine and over time you will learn through that valuable experience

Dont level yourself, everyone is mass multi tabling and usually if it looks like you are beat you are. Metagame is over rated

Valuebet more rivers and fire more rivers if theres a fish in the hand

See trends in peoples play and make notes on their play based upon those trends, HEM is very useful for this in post session analysis

Stop loss is good - if you feel bad, you cannot play good, its not human nature.

Get a skype group going

Deception is less important vs fish so just play the most optimal line, if its vs a good player, make it hard for him to know what you have

Stop raising the turn is there is a PSB left on the river and you have the best hand, let people barrell off with their shit so you dont allow them to play correctly and wake up on the turn and realise their top pair is no good (ie, dont let them know they are going to be getting baluga theory leveled for the river)

Check up on your game constantly, again use HEM a lot and check your hands with friends

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RiverRock55 posted on April 08, 2011 at 02:35 AM


Nice Post. Very similar ideas to whats been going on in my head lately.

I've been speding more and more time in HEM looking at the good regulars games and trying to pick things out. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in collaborating on this sort of thing.


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