March 25, 2011

RUSH results

I started playing RUSH on FTP with $5 in my account on the 4th of this month, Ive played 17 days of RUSH so far this month for 57 hours in total. My RUSH roll is now $900, my hourly has been $13, I started playing 5nl, and at 10bi played 10nl, at 10bi played 25nl and have been switching between 25nl and 50nl since then depending on how I have been feeling. I had a shot at 100nl when I had only 6bi which went well also. I think I will play 25nl all the rest of this month and then re-evaluate with regards to what I think are the pros and cons of RUSH and how I can work on improving my R-Game in general.

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Posted By Acombfosho at 12:41 PM


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richbrown posted on March 25, 2011 at 14:49 PM


nice one son.

I just realise a big pro of playing rush and doing what we are trying to do.

You dont need 20 buyins to play a lot of hands, you only really want about 5-10 and need 4. Where as on normal tables you would need 20 buyins to play 20 tables.


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