March 20, 2011

for worse.. for better?

Woke up today and could hardly breathe, the tonsillitis had inflamed massively and was about double the size of the previous photo, also my throat around that area was much redder and raw. I have had tonsillitis a lot when I was younger, but I was always back home in the UK and whenever I got sick I knew my parents would take good care of me (my mum and dad are both medical professionals for the NHS 20+ years).. 

So having this in Thailand got me a bit more worried, I had to think about what I could do, I went to three different pharmacies and they each gave me conflicting advice, some said continue any previous medicine and take a new batch on top, some said ditch the old medicine and get a new batch, some said don't drink warm water, some said only drink warm water! Needless to say I wasn't sure what I should do, so I just went to the best hospital in Chiang Mai called the CM ram hospital and they insta said that my antibiotics were not strong enough and that the only thing I could do is get a SHOT IN MY ASS...

So long story short, Ive had a shot in my ass today, and have to go back in 3 days to see if its worked, if it hasnt, then I need another shot. If that doesnt work then I have to get them out! lets hope it works sooner rather than later because removing tonsils as an adult is apparently fucking horrendously painful for weeks

All this worrying about my illness has made me realise I need to prevent myself from getting sick in the first place by having a better diet. As soon as this medicine is over I am going to do a full day of epson salt cleansing to remove accumulated toxins from the medicines and rejuvenate my colon aswell as start taking some pro-biotic tablets to get my healthy gut lining back. I truly believe this is the baseline of health that many people overlook (ie. they look at the symptoms of an illness and not the cause, and just treat the symptoms, the symptoms go away, but the cause of the problem remains untreated - (this is largely due to BIG MONEY in MEDICINE imo but thats another matter) ) . On top of that I will start the PRIMAL METHOD DIET eating no carbs, loads of greens, vegs, meat and organic, lucky I have a place that does this exact type of food to order at super low prices near me, I can eat 2 meals a day there for under $150 USD a month, I figure this is way +EV as I dont have to waste time going out to find the food myself, make it, clean up, all I have to do is order, eat, go, so even if I could do it "cheaper" i think the time benefits more than compensate. 

Started to ramble and my thai bird is in the shower so I might as well keep on going, big government is ridiculous, remove it or it will destroy everything you hold true and dear to yourself. It is exactly the same as the mafia, except the mafia doesnt get thanked so profusely for extracting as much money out of the average person as Big government does. Voltaire said it best

.. the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to the other.


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nawhead posted on March 20, 2011 at 16:53 PM


Westerners take "medical vacations" to Thailand, so you shouldn't worry about that. they're supposed to have good doctors and modern equipment, and it's cheap too. and as for big government, you might like this video then, it uses America as an example, but it's really about government in general: take care, Acomb.


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