March 04, 2011

March Madness day 4

HH -

HU matches vs friends, played 3x now about BE or slightly down due to flips at the end of the game 

Thai lesson number 6 (going to repeat same lesson again today because its getting harder plus I am ahead of schedule)

hours: 14hrs on HEM + a lot from non HEM readable hands at HU games v friends, going to put in a big day today and huge days sat, sunday and monday to catch up, need 36 more hours in 4 days to win the prop-bet!

I'm playing some RUSH to get used to those games as I intend on moving to play more during the daytime here as they run 24/7, just going to get to grips with it slowly (lol @ S L O W L Y getting to grips with RUSH 5555+)

Sam C's Book, v good so far, its all about limiting beliefs that hold us back; which I am aware of but don't really know how to change these limiting beliefs - so I am looking forward to getting into the 'meat' of the book and finding out some of the limiting beliefs I have that hold me back from success in various aspects of my life and changing them into empowering positive ones

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LuigiVampa posted on March 04, 2011 at 10:40 AM


What's the title of the book?

Great blog, Josh.

Acombfosho posted on March 05, 2011 at 05:54 AM


Minds Power Unleashed



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