March 01, 2011

March Madness

I want to put in a HUGE month, and play AT LEAST 150 hours.

going to start the first week with a 50 hour prop bet with my housemate

Then after I should be able to keep pace for 100+ hours in 24 days

I also have the pimsleur thai language course which is 30 days of 30 minute conversational thai lessons. Im going to do one a day and see how much my thai improves.

If it goes well I will learn start conversational Chinese, if that works out might as well learn Indian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese and Spanish this year too.

I also want to reply in a 100nl 6max strategy thread at least once every day, as well as start to finally learn NLHU - my friend who plays HUNL 200-600nl professionally has kindly offered to play against me for free (we are going to play stars play money tables every day, at the end of each week whoever is up or down in play chips pays for the whiskey bottle when we go out - so virtually free and fun coaching!)

finally I have the free copy of the Sam Chauhan Mind Power Book to get through, so I want to read at least 10 pages per day to have it finished before the end of march.

-50hours from today til next week
-150+ hours total monthly
- 30mins a day of pimsleur thai
- 1 hand history post a day
- 1 session of HUNL to learn vs my friend
- 10 pages of Sam Chauhans book  


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qanuqorycy posted on October 23, 2017 at 11:52 AM


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