February 14, 2011

Sam Chauhan

Sam Chauhan is a renowned for his ability to teach poker players, mixed martial artists and many other celebrities how to create a powerful mindset.

He was kind enough to send me a free copy of his book on mindset last night. I'm currently reading through it in anticipation.

Here are my notes from Sam Chauhan articles at BLUFF

If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results you have been getting. Only way you grow is by being uncomfortable. You can’t control everything in your life but you can control what something means to you. 

If you believed you were the best it would not matter what anyone says or what happens in your life because you would have the mental edge to deal with anything, which would give you all the power in the world to succeed

To understand what happens to cause internal conflict at the poker table you need to consciously observe what thoughts go into your head when you play poker. If you want to know what to do when you are having an internal conflict you first have to understand why you keep having them in the first place.

It’s just like when a circus brings in a new baby elephant. They tie a chain around the elephant’s ankle. The elephant has to sleep in the same spot and eat in the same spot. When the baby elephant becomes an adult it is still eating and sleeping in the same place with the chain around its ankle. An adult elephant has the power to break the chain and go free, but they never do. What’s more amazing is that if you move the elephant’s food ten feet away, it will die of starvation instead of breaking the chain to get to the food.

The elephant has been strongly conditioned over time by a common biological process. Its brain has created something called a neural pathway or neural circuit. Such circuits are made up of neurons that receive and send electrochemical signals throughout the nervous system via a process called synaptic transmission. When you learn something new, a neural pathway is created. With each repetition of this new information, the efficiency of the synapses in that particular circuit improves. This means that every time the information is repeated to your brain its path becomes stronger and more ingrained.

How many of you are in the same boat as the elephant? You have the power to break the chain.

Most people have a fear of making a wrong decision so they don’t make a decision at all or choose the option with less perceived risk. They are afraid of internal conflict and the negative emotions.

Understand the power in making a decision that is based on faith rather than fear. Fear and faith are both imaginations of what is going to happen in the future. The difference is that fear is a negative imagination and faith is a positive imagination.

Winning and losing is a product of how you deal with the internal conflicts that you have during play.

If you have faith in your play your skills and your reads, you will win, if you have fear about the current game, no matter if you are "better" than your opponents, it is inevitable you will lose.

Many poker players ask me: How can I have control over my mind instead of my mind having control over me? You have to understand that your mind is you and you are your mind. The key to taking your poker game to the next level is understanding that you need a strong mindset. Having a strong mindset means cutting off the neural pathways that lead to internal confl ict and indecision and instead making decisions based on the current conditions of the game rather than your brain’s default response.

There are 3 phases which affect everyone in both poker and in life: Survival, Rut, Proactive.

Survival: The survival phase is where you are just surviving, making decisions based on emotion. his is a scary phase because it is all based on fear. When you make decisions that are based on fear, you make more bad decisions than good ones.

Rut: This is the phase where you are not particularly happy or unhappy with your life and game. You are in the middle. This is a very challenging place for many. Most people who are stuck in this phase are very complacent. The reason I say they are stuck is that don’t have leverage either way to change. The moment you lose your passion for life and the game, you lose your purpose.

Proactive: People in this phase know where they need to go and what needs to get done to get there. They have goals with action plans that they follow. They surround themselves with infl ators instead of defl ators. They take out their ego and try to learn at every opportunity they can get. They observe and learn from other poker players. They believe there is no failure, only feedback. They make decisions on gut and knowledge. They are not attached to the outcome. They make their decisions based on faith, not fear. Their mentality is: never give up!

Having a strong inner core is one of the most essential assets for a poker player and yet many people don’t even truly understand the concept. There are plenty of players who come across as being very confi dent but are actually insecure. However, looking confident and feeling confi dent are not the same thing.

Intimidation is a challenge that many poker players face. You have two options when an intimidating player comes to your table: You can say to yourself “I will bust him” out or you can say “poor me!” One would be out of confi dence and the other one out of insecurity. Why sabotage yourself by putting another player on a pedestal and giving him the edge?

So what can you do to build the strength of your inner core? Try practicing some of these thoughts the next time you’re at the table: I will come back. It’s not over. I am not attached to the outcome. I will not let emotions control me. I will control my emotions. Imagine if you carried these thoughts with you and truly believed them. Could it elevate your game to the next level?

A strong inner core will not only help your poker game, but it will create a better life for you. 

Mindset dos:

Do drink lots of water.

Do work out before a tournament.

Do bring a healthy snack to boost your energy, like some cucumbers with lemon (instead of chocolate).

Do affirmations to get yourself in the proper positive state before the tournament.

Do wear a rubber band on your wrist to get rid of any negative thoughts that pop up.

What makes someone a pro? If poker was an Olympic sport how would you train for it?

How many hours would you practice? (Read books, watch video, etc.)

Would you eat healthier to get more energy during tournaments?

Would you work out to get yourself in shape for the grueling hours?

Would you work on your mindset?

Would each of these things help you play better poker? The obvious answer is YES!

The challenge that many players have is that they do not put a stop-limit on losing or winning. Anyone who is great is consistent. For many players that I coach the mindset is: if you are running good you keep playing. Are you really playing proactively or are you playing reactively? You should have a goal for how much you want to make for the session and have a goal of how much you are willing to lose in a session. You must have the ability to stop. The last thing you want to do is let your emotions take control of your wallet. See you at the top!

Here are some simple steps to create a plan that you will actually accomplish.

1. Write your goals down.

2. Separate pages for personal and Poker.

3. Beside each goal write down the steps it will take to accomplish that goal.

4. Beside each step write down the date that step will be done.

5. Important. Write down the pain that you will experience if you don’t take that action step on the date you put down.

Having faith lets you see things better than they are — which helps motivate you to go forward. You must create the Comeback Mindset in your life. To create that mindset you must do the following things:

1) Avoid people that bring you down

2) Get away from drama

3) Start your day with gratefuls

4) Recite mantras

5) Meditate

6) Deal with negative situations with positive attitude

7) Eliminate Negativity

Don’t be attached to the outcome,only worry about things you have control over. Everything else you worry about is a waste of energy. Just remember that a sail boatin the middle of the ocean faces winds from different directions, as long as you control the sail you can reach your destination regardless. That’s the way you should think of yourself. You might have winds of uncertainty or doubt but as long as you focus and make every setback a motivation for a comeback you do succeed.

Even though we have not seen wind, we believe it is there. The same way no one has seen a fundamental particle, and physicists have great deal a faith in its existence. The challenge is that human beings believe what they see. We unconsciously choose to live under the illusion that everything is as we see it. Just because you can’t see the results of your hard work to your illusion of what they need to be does not mean you are not progressing forward. Your instincts also can’t be seen but you know they exist because you feel it. Consciousness means awareness. To see the power of your thoughts, try to become aware of your right foot and all of sudden you can feel your right foot with one thought, or try to be aware of your right hand and you will start feeling it. Your thoughts are the steering wheel of life. You have the choice to make something possible and impossible. It is the power you possess. Become aware of the moment and of yourself.

In quantum physics you can’t observe position and momentum of any object simultaneously. The same rules apply to the thoughts that we have. Thinking requires movement of particles (electrons) in the brain and nervous system. The definition of an electron is an elementary particle that is a fundamental constituent of matter or a form of electricity. Thinking about thinking requires comparisons of one thinking experience with another. So thinking and thinking about thinking cannot be done at the same time. It is important to set aside time to be thinking about thinking and it is also important to be thinking in the moment. On one hand you are the observer and the other you are the object of observation. Record your sessions online and view it a week later and you will have clear head to analyze your play. Any time you are playing live you should take a notepad with you and write down on any major pots how many times you had your money in good vs bad. That way you can work on your holes in your game away from the game.

Have a powerful day!

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LuigiVampa posted on February 15, 2011 at 02:15 AM


wow i am under impression It's really amazing that living " that way " - positive hard working et cetera brings profits and joy immediately pure law of attraction

GL everyone in breaking the fkn chain !!!!!!!!!

good job


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