September 14, 2010

Sqz plz


  • SQZ can not in general vs UTG (oop), vs ppl who like to call 3bets, ppls who are short, ppl who are sticky on the flop
  • SQZ can vs MP and late openers, people who have 100bb+, ppl who fold alot to cbet, ppl who like to fold to 3bets ldo
  • Be aware of your image
  • MP open, CO call, BTN is golden sqz spot vs 2 regs
  • Forumla for a SQZ = opening range by position x flatting range x their fold to 3bet of both players but more emphasis on the pfr x your image x your position
  • another great spot is reg opens BTN, lp fish flats in sb, you sqz in bb, BTN folds because he thinks you are for value, lp fish flats with a huge range here and plays the hand OOP in an inflated pot, bonus points for fit or fold lp fish
  • CO and BTN regs, you are in SB sqz, but make the size abit bigger and your range abit tighter
  • You can sqz more if you DONT use the auto fold button for your trash hands, you might notice a good spot to squeeze that you would have otherwise had missed
  • Similar hands you use for your light 3bettings is also good for light sqzing, top of folding range

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