August 30, 2010

What I think my biggest leaks are

  • Playing too quick
  • Spewing (as a result of instadecisions and not thinking through things enough)
  • Being too happy to gamble it up with my equity vs fish when I can take much better spots (for example pair and FD c/rai vs fish, where as I can just call, fill up then get it in, or when fish donks turn super small in 3bet pot and I have two overs gs and nfd i usually ship when in fact its better to call, see the river and make a better choice there)
  • Playing too many tables sometimes
  • Not game selecting vigorously enough
  • Not maximising value in every spot
  • Passing up on +EV spots because I am focusing on another bigger hand at another table
  • Playing too long sessions with a break
  • Playing without properly being awake
  • Playing while being hungry or thirsty
  • betsizing can be more fine tuned to achieve desired outcome
  • sometimes not having a reason for betting, sometimes in a WTF spot i just default to BET, rather than default to TIMEBANK and think 

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Squishee posted on September 02, 2010 at 05:16 AM


Kun Josh

Point #3 is a very good one you spotted... used to do that.. im happy you find it out about it^^

Look like most of the leaks you think you have are linked to commons factors like taking your time/ self-discipline and preparation.

We all have leaks... the winners are those who correct them

Good luck Fantasy Mansion


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