July 09, 2010

I think PLO is too swingy for me!

I've played 17k hands at PLO and lost 1500 €, time to stop playing that and go back to the bread and butter of 6max NL, my overall stats at PLO were 26vpip 12pfr 3.3-3bet I think these look ok, but i obviously cant handle the swings or play badly in big pots..

Decided to review my NL HEM game, one filter a day for the next 45 days using the HEM Leak Buster Videos as a guide.

WIll make a new post for each filter, hopefully I will find some big leaks!

User Uploaded Image

so far it looks like i should 3bet alot more from the blinds, cbet slighly more flops and barrel more aggressively

Will make a new post every filter


Posted By Acombfosho at 08:23 AM


Tags: bye bye omaha!



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