March 24, 2010

Thailand :)

Sawatdee kap,

It’s been ages since I last wrote in my blog, and it’s been kind of been nagging away at me to write up on my trip and get back into blogging, so im going to blog way way more for the rest of the year.

So far, thailand has been great. Much better than I imagined and I really love it here. I have a beautiful house and live with really chilled out poker grinders. I’m so lucky – I really think it was a great choice to move out here.

I live in Chiang Mai, in the north of thailand. There is lots to do here. I have a motobike and the freedom you get is awesome. I love going to the lake in the day and the many kareoke bars available at night.

Poker wise the year has gone well so far. I have completed my first prop bet, 100 hours in a month in feb. Now im in another prop bet for 15 buyins to make 120 hours this month. Honestly not enjoying this months side bet. I feel like my analysis and concentration has gone because I am just auto piloting to get the hours done. Next month I have a goal of just playing A game poker as often as possible and forgetting about how many hours – quality over quantity ftw.

Another side bet I have for the rent is with my friend – its a weight loss/gain bet! winner gets their rent paid so i’ve stopped eating as much. cut out all fast food, stopped carbs like bread, rice, pasta and am eating more salad and soups. I have to increase my exercise routine more too. I’m starting the Lemon Detox Diet for 10-14 days as soon as I can buy some lemons, red pepper and maple syrup – amazingly tesco did not stock these so I have to go to a speciality market tomorrow!

Thats it for now – i’m going to play a few more hours and hit the bed

Oh, here’s a list of thai phrases I’ve picked up (say as you see english – thai squiggles) :

my pen rye – it’s okay, no problem, don’t worry, forget it
yindee teedie ruja kap -it’s nice to meet you
pom – I (male)
Swadi Kap – Hello
Sabadi mai kap? How are you?
Radree sawat – good night
cow chu Josh – His name is Josh
Pom chu Josh kap – my name is Josh
Tu chew aria kap – her name is?
Sawadi don chow – good morning
Sawadi don bai – good afternoon
Layo pop gan mai kap – see you later
Sabadi – I’m good
Layo kun la? – and you?
kop kun kap – thankyou
kop thort kap – sorry
bye gat pom – come with me
kun suway ma kap – you’re very fit
put len – only joking
yoot – stop
ham tam – dont do
pom chop kun – i like you
tam door bye kap – keep going
prung nee – tomorrow
one knee – today
mooa knee – yesterday
pom chop beer chang kap – i like chang beer
kun chu arai kap? – what is your name?
kun pienai kap? – where you going?
pom yat ben poo-en kun kap – i want to be friends
tao rye kap? – how much is it?
wela doon – tee doon – same time – same place
nung, song, sam, see, ha, hok, jet, bed, gao, sip, sip et, sip song, sip sam.., ye sip, ye sip et, ye sip song, ye sip song… nung roy, sam roy, nung pan, ha pan, ha pan nung roy et
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13.., 20, 21, 22, 23.. 100, 300, 1000, 5000, 5101
chop – like
phasathai – thailanguage
passa – language
passa angrrit – english language
phuut – to speak
mybanthat – ruler
my – no
kap -yes
mii arai kap ? – what is this?
nan man kap? Is that water?
nii riakwaa arai kap? What is this called?
nan riakwaa paakaa kap – That is called a pen
na – again?
nii riakwaa arai na kap? – can you repeat that again please
nii – this
nan riakwaa arai na kap – what is that name again please?
le – and
nan – that
riakwaa – this is called..?
chok – chalk
dinsor – pencil
yanglop – eraser
paakaa – pen
sii – colour
sii khiaw – colour green
sii dend – colour red
sii som – colour orange
my saap – I don’t know
ru – question?
Khruu – Theacher
kun chu phillipe ru kap? Your name is phillipe?
qua – right
si – left
Pom chop sii arai kap? – You like colour what?
Sii shompoo – colour pink
pom chop sii shompoo kap – I like the colour pink
Pom duay kap – me too
Khun chop phuut passa arai kap? You like to speak language what?
pom chop phuut passaangrrit kap – I like to speak English Language!
Kun chop sii khiaw may kap? – you like the colour green right?
pom my chop sii khiaw kap – I do not like the colour green.
pom chop phut passa thai kap – I like to speak thai language
kun chop sii arai kap? You like colour what?
my chii – no
saap – know
paakaa sii arai kap? Pen colour what pleasE?
paakaa sii dein kap – pen is red kap
nii paakaa sii khiaw ru kap? This pen is greren right?
my chii kap nan paakaa see dein kap – no this pen is red
nii passathai riakwaa arai kap? This in thai is called what please?
nana passathai riakwaa arai kap? That in thai is called what please?
glue-en – bannana
Saparoot – Pineapple
A-nung – water melon
Gao-mongon – dragon fruit
farang – guava
po – leyo – thats enough
chon – spoon
chaam – bowl
sang – to order
thaan – to eat
aahaan – food
cowpat – fried rice
muu – pig
phonlamay – fruit
ron – hot
yen – cold
duay – also
tao rye – how much
namtaan – sugar
tee nii – where?
yuu – located at
ngaan – work
roong rian – school
baan – house
thanon – street
soi – lane/sidestreet
talat – market
turaa – business
thiaw – outing of pleasure
bi – to go
puchatkhan – manager
oneknee – today
siy – to wear
sua – shirt

Radree sawat kap

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