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A quick bit on preflop play — why not.
by Entity on almost 10 years ago

I mean, this is a poker blog, amirite?  So yeah.  Why not.  This isn't revolutionary or anything but I've talked about it with several students and have actually had to mention it in a few videos that I've done for Deuces.  Anywho.  I'm talking with a student about hands... Read More

On advertising, and an appropriate budget for such things
by DJ Sensei on about 10 years ago

I generally hate advertising as a rule. It wastes my time, it is usually pretty annoying, and it is almost always aimed at people with a more primitive sense of humor than me. Now thats not to say I don’t love a good football-in-the-crotch scene now and again, but most ads come up woefully... Read More

A little wander in the woods
by DJ Sensei on about 10 years ago

Imagine yourself taking a little constitutional into the woods near your home, headed for a particularly enjoyable overlook of the neighboring valley (which has been reputed to shelter a sizeable treasure!) You’ve been through these woods many times, searching for various bounties, and you... Read More

A little live poker in Kansas City
by DJ Sensei on about 10 years ago

I’ve been in Kansas City for a few days now with my family, and got the chance to play a little live poker tonight at Harrah’s. There are a few things of note about this casino and its patrons: There are some ridiculous rules regarding entry and buying chips, primarily as a result o... Read More

Article 2 - Using a Common Tell to Gain an Extra Bet
by mike l. on about 10 years ago

In a not particularly good live 100-200 game i was dealt AKo in the sb. We were 8 handed and it was folded around to the cutoff who openraised. I 3 bet. This reraise will look like a wider range of hands than a normal 3 bet in this game because it's a blind steal situation. Just as cutoff's open... Read More

Article 1 - Learning How to Think About the Play of a Hand
by mike l. on about 10 years ago

This is the first in a series of articles on live limit hold 'em by me, Mike Landucci, a professional poker player and coach from San Diego, CA. The goal of this series is to examine, using hands taken directly from actual play, some common situations that arise in current live mid and high limi... Read More

The Corn Maze Theory of Heads Up Poker
by Joe Tall on about 10 years ago

I’ve been playing and coaching a bit of Heads Up poker and came to a conclusion. My “corn maze” theory of HUHU Poker. You want to be the guy in the lead. You opponent chasing you. But you don’t want to ‘lose’ him. You want to keep your eye on them. You w... Read More

My Poker Story
by whitelime on about 10 years ago

I was first introduced to poker for $ late my freshman year of college (2003). I was studying finance at NYU at the time. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to play a $10 game of poker.   Rewind about 3 years to high school. There was a big blackjack craze at our high school where dur... Read More

Getting back to Poker…Your PreSession Routine
by Joe Tall on about 10 years ago

Put yourself in position to win. Recently a new friend and I were talking. He was a bit frustrated with poker. After talking about what’s been going on, I realized that he had no pre-session routine. Well when you play poker you do the same thing. You sit, you read your cards, you wai... Read More

Las Vegas new years trip report, part three
by DJ Sensei on about 10 years ago

Well I’ve realized that I probably should just beast out these reports quickly after I get back, or perhaps even while the trip is going on, since its hard to remember details a few weeks later. But anyhow, I’ll do what I can to fill in the blanks. So, on New Years Eve we had a rese... Read More

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