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Aussie Update: tourney 1

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tourney 1 was a 1k buyin event that was pretty massive– first place was looking to take over 200k.  Seven of us DC guys played (myself, vanessa, joe tall, krantz, josh/sthief, wiltontilt, and danzasmack).  Unfortunately, Josh and I got pulled to the same table while everyone else split up to start (though Vanessa and Danza/Chuck both ended up on the same table).

I basically picked up no hands for the entire time.  The closest thing I had to an interesting hand was where a guy opened in MP, another guy called, I called on the button with JT, and the blind called.  The flop was Jd6d2c.  Blind checks, PFR checks, other guy bets small, and I decide this is a pretty good time to raise (squeeze everyone out, possibly get value from draws, possibly set up scenarios where you could make better hands fold).  Everyone else folds and the guy flats OOP, and the turn is an A.  This is pretty bad for me because I felt like two of his likely hands would be AJ and the NFD on the flop, so I check back.  He then leads out for 1/8 pot on a blank river, i weep silently and call and get shown AJ.

that put me pretty low, then I picked up A4dd on the button and the cutoff, a decent player raised, I shoved, he snapped with AK, and thats all she wrote.  I was the first DC player to be eliminated, a sad fact I realized while wandering around trying to find other DC guys to hang out with and finding them all owning their tables.  Except for Krantz, who joined me shortly after.  As of writing this, Josh, Danza, Vanessa, and Wilt, are all still in the mix.  A pretty good showing.  My money’s on Vanessa.  Here’s a pretty sick hand she played that I saw:

She raises (had been opening about every hand while I watched) and got calls in 3 places.  The flop was 965.  the blinds checked to her, she bet, the button called, and the small blind tried to call but accidentally dropped a couple larger chips in than intended, which the floor ruled as a raise.  A real-life misclick.  While she was arguing that she should be allowed to take her money back, Vanessa already realized that this other woman was done with the hand and quickly turned his attention towards the button (the other guy had folded).  Then, she moves in, the button folds, the other guy folds, and she shows T8o.  Pretty legit.

I was about to go home, but then some 5/10 deep w/ straddle opened up, so i played that, notched a +4k win, and now will be going to sleep for a few hours before I help lead the first Aussie Millions Academy seminar presented by DeucesCracked.com.  Hooray.

Hope all is well,


PS:  i’ll also be doing the main event and the 5k HU challenge (64 player max)

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