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Six Plus Holdem

Written by dcadmin

Posted 9 months ago / DCadmin / 7 comments

HUHU LHE Solved?

Written by tecmosuperbowl

Posted almost 2 years ago / TecmoSuperBowl / 19 comments

Poker in the Real World

Written by bosoxx34

Posted over 2 years ago / bosoxx34 / 34 comments

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Tuesday 23rd August

Written by winadil

Posted 3 months ago / winadil / 1 comments

Wednesday 24th

Written by winadil

Posted 3 months ago / winadil / 1 comments

First Post

Written by deucesforreal

Posted about 15 hours ago / Deucesforreal / 0 comments

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Six Plus Holdem
by DCadmin on 9 months ago

Some of you might have heard about the new 'Six Plus Holdem' game-type which is becoming increasingly popular thanks hype from Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan (recently publicized on 2+2), two regulars of the game in Macau. It's a fascinating game, and one which is just recently being introduced to some ... Read More

Nostalgia Corner: The 5 (and a bit) Stages Of Your Poker Career
by Tommy Angelo on almost 6 years ago

Today’s post was written by guest writer Greg Walker. This article is highly funny and relatable, if you happen to be an online poker degen. Greg runs, a Texas Hold’em strategy site. Thanks Greg! Nostalgia Corner: The 5 (and a bit) Stages Of Your Poker Career Do... Read More

5-betting and the Potential Bluff Range
by mikej on over 6 years ago

Michael (mikej) primarily plays mid stakes NLHE 6-max and recently graduated from Cal with a degree in MSE. I. The Situation 400NL, 6-max, effective stacks of $400 Villain opens to $12 from the button, you 3-bet to $42 from the small blind with a 75s type hand, and he re-raises to... Read More

Dealer Mystery Solved at the 2010 WSOP
by Tommy Angelo on over 6 years ago

This is a photograph of the biggest room at the 2010 World Series of Poker, minus the people. You know how we’ve been trained to think of a “football field” as a standard unit of area? Like a hectare or acre, except that we actually know how big it is? I paced off this roo... Read More

competition, and poker
by KRANTZ on over 6 years ago

I’m reading Scott Belsky’s Making Ideas Happen.  There’s a section in there where he says: Ideas often have the tendency to lie stagnant until we are jolted into action by either excitement or fear…  For this reason, competition — regardless of whether it stems fr... Read More

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